DAY 3: THE SUN GOT CLOSER! Story by Mom (in the third grade), illustrations by her son (on Sunday)

Welcome to Day 3 (on Day 4) of stories I wrote in third grade, as illustrated by my 5 year old son!

I blame the blizzard for the missed day.

Well, while this is more than partly true (I lost access to my artist for a while, as he was at The Other House), part of the reason I missed yesterday's deadline is that I misjudged how long these pieces would take. As you will see, I am trying different things with them, and there is a learning curve on this here Word Press machine.

These story posts are ultimately for G, so I will return with the final four stories when I feel they are ready to go. I feel that the quality should trump a knee jerk promise of 7 straight days - lesson learned. :) I do apologize for leaving anyone hanging...

That said, let's get on with today's story:  THE SUN GOT CLOSER:

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