Old Single Mom? What the hell is that? (part 1)

Greetings, Chicago Now, from Old Single Mom!  Stand back, let me get a look at you. Wow! You look sooooo good. You. Are. Shmokinnnnn'.....

I know your town pretty well, having landed here eighteen years ago. (Although in an ironic twist, I got turned around going to Target on Elston, today.) I have lived in Uptown, West Village, Andersonville, Ravenswood, Edgewater, and whatever the hell you call the intersection of Armitage and Pulaski. I take my relationship with Chicago very seriously. We are like an old married couple.

But you don't know me at all. Well, thank goodness it is Chicago NOW, and not Chicago Eighteen Years Ago. Or Chicago Eight Years Ago.  Or even/especially Chicago Two Years Ago, almost to the day, when I was unexpectedly and abruptly Re-Singled.

Here is a picture of myself a few days after the split. This is the very moment I realized in my heart what a good thing this blindside would be... eventually. I knew it wouldn't be an easy transition. We had a KID, for God's sake.  But as I was walking on my blindingly beautiful hometown beach one morning, I felt my revelation: "This is a good thing." So I took a picture. I captured the moment.

Beach Shot


But two years have passed. It's Chicago NOW, and NOW is good, new friends. So I will take a couple of days to introduce myself as I am NOW.

Now, I want to take this slow.  All good relationships are built over time, right?  Layer upon layer of trust are built between people through honest communication. By revealing, not dumping.  So I'm going to start the conversation with something simple. Gentle. I will start with a list.

Here are (at least) 20 things you should know about me, the Old Single Mom. Dim the lights....

  1. I enjoy being single. Probably more than most people. If the Universe has other plans for me, It will let me know. If there is to be a "next relationship,"  nothing less than Pure, Cranium Smashing Magic will do.  But there will be no Match.com profiles created for this Old Single Mom. At this point, I have more faith in the Universe's judgement than I do my own, and I don't think it would be a good idea to shop for my next lover/husband/wife/Friend With Benefits/Twin Flame/"Roommate with Benefits"/Ball-and-Chain the same way I buy new headphones on Amazon.com.
  2. While ChicagoNow is a site of blogs, I will call it a “column” in the loud, loud hallways of my own head. I feel that real “Bloggers” are mod, and don’t buy their clothes in shopping carts that also contain gallons of  milk and boxes of cat litter when they check out..
  3. I have an ex who, if referenced, shall be referred to as "X." But this page is not at all about "X."
  4. I sleep in my clothes way more than any grown woman should.
  5. I have a 5 year old son. He will be referred in this column as G. Sometimes I call him my "Little Yoda."  I wish I had at least two more.noname
  6. I am very low brow in my tastes.  St. Elmo's Fire is one of my all time favorite films. I love Barry Manilow more than I love Led Zeppelin. My favorite book of all time is "Charlotte's Web." I'm a simple girl who loves all things uncool.
  7. 95% of what I eat is opened or unwrapped.
  8. I was once a featured extra on the show "Full House." (Or at least, that is the way I have been telling that story for years.  In truth, I was in the same frame with the stars for an extended period of time, and over-reacted my way into $75.) In related news, I was also cut from Faith Hill's video, "Take Another Little Piece of My Heart."
  9. ....

You know what? I'm gonna stop right there. That's enough for one day. I don't want to overwhelm you. I don't want to "Close Blog" you.  I'll be back, tomorrow, with more of the list.  See you back here?  Hope so.  Come visit me on Facebook. I think there is a "like" button to my right. >>>> I 'll have some chips and guac waiting for you. (Not homemade guac, though. See #7).   The blue triangley kind of chips. Of course... Help yourself..

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  • love it, j....love u....
    u make me laugh a lot, u make my heart smile toooooo.

  • In reply to SharonGhilarducci:

    Sharon.....just........Sharon. :)

  • True 'dat - I regularly get lost leaving that Target and nearby Costco! (www.lipstickandlollypops.com)

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