In defense of selfies

selfie-413162_1280 I'm not Mother Teresa , selfies bother me too. But they are sometimes acceptable within reason. And sometimes necessary. A daily selfie? Not OK. Incessant sexy teen selfies? Not OK. On a vacation by yourself and need to post 4 or 5? Acceptable. Getting older and it's next to impossible to take a good picture without taking it YOURSELF so you can pose and primp accordingly to make your 40 something year old self look your best? Acceptable.

I wouldn't call myself the selfie QUEEN, although I AM guilty of selfies. Let me explain why I do this very simply: Making up for lost time!

It often pains me that a good chunk of my life and younger years got away unphotographed. Yes there were A LOT of ugly outfits, hairstyles, and zits, but also my time and travels in the military and my trips from long ago. These smartphones of today make it acceptable to photograph everyone and everything.

I regret not having selfies from back in the day. Much like not keeping diaries or written records of my life back in the day, because I remember so little. I can't even remember my old daily routines when I lived alone. Did I make coffee in the morning? Did I used to eat breakfast? What did I eat for dinner?

Wait maybe I should take that back. Maybe it's a GOOD thing those awkward years of long ago got away mostly unphotographed. But as today's life begs the answer to- did those moments really exist without a picture?

Back in my teen and high school days, let's just say I was awkward. Very awkward. OK a gawky, unappealing, graceless, ungainly , stiff, plain, and homely misfit you satisfied? (had to dust off the ol' thesaurus there). In my defense, it WAS the hideous 90's when I was growing up, where every teen girl did not look like a fashion model. I think I look way better at 40 than I did at 16 (cougar POWER!!!) So I see selfies as a way of making up for lost time. Allow me just a little longer than average to get over myself k?

Selfies give me confidence. A good picture of oneself is priceless. As fashion icon Tim Gunn says, "I have no ego but I am vain." I have not always had the self confidence that I have today. I remember one time someone remarked that my nose was big and wide and then someone else piped in, "like a vacuum cleaner nose". OUCH.

woman-1993219_1280Understand I probably took 15 shots at different angles to get that one good picture. Before selfies, I was starting to get frustrated with myself and thinking I was old and ugly, because at 40 I could no longer take a good picture. Depressing.

I keep an album in my phone titled "favorites" because it makes me feel good every time I look at my best pictures. Whenever I'm having a bad hair day or an ugly day, a glance at this album gives me confidence and reminds me I still "got it" (with the help of makeup and cute clothes of course).

If anything I will do something now just for the allure of taking pictures. For the "Instagram effect" if you will. Even going somewhere I am not overly enthused about, I then think to myself, "well I'm sure I can at least get some good pictures". Vanity aside, this smartphone of mine has shown me that I really enjoy photography and am something of a picture snob.

One thing I have never understood is sharing the pregnant selfies. If you want to take them to document your changes, fine, understandable even. But I don't want to see them, especially a bare belly! They seem WAY too personal! I feel like a creepy voyeur and I DO NOT want to feel like a creepy voyeur!

Take the selfie. Even if you keep it just for you. There's no rule stating that selfies have to be shared. Your senior citizen self will thank you.

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