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I am quite passionate about food. One day after hearing me complain for the umpteenth time about my day job, the husband said, "just quit then!" I quickly retorted with, "no, I need money for my FOOD!" I have grown to hate most processed foods. I was making homemade pizza yesterday and told the husband, "my favorite pizza in the world is this. MY pizza." And there are a lot of great pizza places near us in Chicagoland. The other day the husband announced, "I kinda like kale". This sent me over the edge, swooning that my good habits were rubbing off on him.

Did you know that the syrup you have been consuming is NOT real syrup? The Aunt Jemima and the Mrs. Butterworth's. It is simply a concoction of chemicals that make it TASTE like maple syrup! If you don't believe me read the label. I always used to buy Mrs. Butterworth because she endeared me to her as a kid in those commercials. That sweet motherly figure would come alive and beckon you to pour her syrup on your breakfast. Not to mention she looked so adorable on my breakfast table.


Then one day I happened to read the label (a habit I got into after having a newly diagnosed allergic child). ICK! Nothing maple about it! I will stick to buying the much pricier yet WELL worth it 100 percent real syrup thankyouverymuch! It bothers me how most restaurants assume we are all sheep and continue to serve this. Charge me extra, I will gladly pay extra for the real stuff! It tastes so much better too, with a richer flavor, so you end up using less of it. I've actually started bringing my own to breakfast places, or sticking to Cracker Barrel, one that ALWAYS serves 100 percent maple syrup.



There is an annual pancake breakfast put on by the Lions Club in my town. There is always a picture or two in our neighborhood paper, and accompanied by the pancakes there are multiple bottles of "syrup" in plastic, squeezable condiment containers on every table. Seeing this makes me SHUDDER. Like why ruin delicious pancakes with maple flavored corn syrup? Cool Whip is bogus like this as well. It is a teeny bit actual cream and a huge bit o chemicals.

I prefer my syrup from actual MAPLE TREES!

I prefer my syrup from actual MAPLE TREES!

I like just about every food except for mystery meats and cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is hard for me, yet I try. I keep buying it, even adding canned peaches like my mom does, and it still grosses me out. Yet I eat it.

I draw the line at hot dogs, ham, strange meats like liver or tongue or anything low grade (Taco Bell for example). Ham I cannot eat because I once had a piece of smelly ham lunch meat that went bad, and also because it physically resembles a pig's skin to me and I find that revolting. I really don't even eat burgers anymore. A bite or two is tasty, but after that I am super conscious of the fact that I'm chewing on a huge chunk of cow and it grosses me out. That or the inevitable hard pebble/gristle/whatever that always finds its way into my mouth, makes me spit into a napkin, and then my meat session is OVAH.

I prefer to cook my own meat and I always buy the highest quality. It is very rare that I order or trust red meat from a restaurant.

I think "tots" are the universal happy food, am I wrong? Does anyone not like tater tots? French fries are neck and neck, followed by bacon. Popcorn is pretty cool too. I'm into Mexican hot chocolate lately. Here is a recipe I love. My 7 year old even loves it. He says it makes him Mexican. Stop buying that average crap.


Sometimes my only happiness in a day is food...and not in an overeating, abnormal sort of way. Sometimes knowing I have a good lunch to look forward to is the only thing that gets me through a crappy work day. Or the fact that my favorite gelato is at home, waiting, cooing for me, gives me something to be happy about.

come to mommy

come to mommy

I never really cooked much for my first son when I was a single mom, for various reasons. For one I really didn't know how. But the biggest reason was because I was poor and ate a lot of canned and boxed foods. One night I got a little crazy though and actually made some chicken in a pan on the stove. He ate that chicken like it was his last meal! No canned ravioli for him that night!!

Picking different restaurants gives me great joy. I love trying new ones. Yes there's a few standby favorites on repeat, but I get such a thrill out of trying new dishes, just like I love visiting new vacation destinations. I especially go out on a limb to pick something different for my birthday. I research and read everything about them before I make my choice. This is important, there is nothing I hate worse than wasting my money on bad food! Why when there is so much GOOD food out there, you just have to find it! A little research always helps, isn't that what the internet is for?

Lastly, can we all STOP WITH THE FRUITCAKE? Can we all stop pretending that anyone likes it? Just like when someone says something like this is "good art"?

art or eyesore?

art or eyesore?

A mass of metal welded together is "art?"

Just look at this overly complicated behemoth. fruitcake

It looks as dry as an AA meeting and as tasteless as a teenager's homecoming "dress". Tradition or not, I will save my calorie allotment for something GOOD.

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