Things I don't get!

-deviled eggs...because...let's all get together for a party and snack on...fancy eggs? Why are these still a thing?


-teaching little girls to be cheerleaders.  It sickens me to see parents on Facebook posting proud pictures of their little girls in their cheerleading outfits.  My first professional basketball game was also my last because I was sickened by the "Luvabulls" in their skimpy outfits, at what is really a family orientated event. This was not some sleazy bar or strip club where those costumes would have belonged.  And besides, shouldn't we teach them to reach bigger besides cheering for men to play a sport?


-leaving a party without saying goodbye to the host. As a matter of fact, this is now considered a major faux pas according to an article I recently read.  I always thought it was quite rude myself and have ALWAYS said goodbye to the hosts of a party, as well as thanked them for inviting me and their hospitality.  I remember being upset at my wedding because all of a sudden I looked up and half the people had left without saying goodbye.  In fact, probably 75 percent of them did so that day.

3f66ba9cdc4fd3afdc7f873ad8da8e3a-who decided that it was the human skull that was going to get the credit as the body part being the most badass?  I mean, think of it.  Skulls represent: biker dudes, poison, tattoos, rough around the edges.  Why not the liver?  My liver is a badass superhero, filterer of poisons.  

-why any woman would move into a home that a man previously shared with another woman (for example his ex wife.)  Why not start your life fresh?  Bad vibes there, I wouldn't want her memory constantly around me.  Reeks of low self esteem if you ask me. 

-Facebook pictures of you kissing your significant other.  No one wants to see that.  NO ONE.  Not even mom or grandma.  Only you two nauseating sappy syrup heads.  So do everyone a favor and keep those on your phone only mmm k?

dsc_0719-why everyone goes to the zoo and takes pictures of all the animals.  Haven't we all seen a gorilla before?

-can the ringtones that come with phones be any stupider?  And you're telling me you actually use one of them when there are thousands of free ones out there to choose from? Besides, why would you want your tone to sound like everyone else's, so you jump every time you hear someone else's phone do the "old fashioned ring?"

-why when you stay in a hotel, they often offer "free local calls" like it is some GREAT THING.  Often this is part of their lame "resort fee".  If you are on vacation, what are the chances you want to make a local call?  I had to once, when I was searching for a lost jacket of mine.  I called the bar from last night.  And guess what? Without thinking, I used my CELL PHONE.  Because isn't that shit already free anyway?

010 -why stores decided that cats are for girls and dogs are for boys.  My little guy LOVES cats and wanted cat pjs, just like I had. Well guess what, the stores only sell them pink and frilly...that is...for girls only!  Why can't men/boys like cats?  Good luck even finding a cat shirt in the boys' section.  I finally had success online. 

-why so many hotel rooms have skeevy carpet instead of easy to clean laminate floors?  Let's just say my bare feet NEVER touch the floor in a hotel room (unless I am drunk).  Also, quite often the coffee maker is in the bathroom.  WHY?  First of all, do people actually use that thing when there is a Starbucks in the lobby?  And secondly, as I told my husband, I don't drink coffee from a machine that sits two feet from where people shit!

-spending a ton of money with elaborate wakes/funerals/coffins/headstones etc. because they are...dead!  I feel like years in the future we will look back at this bizarre custom and wonder why.  I always say when I die just cremate and scatter me, don't spend another dime on someone who no longer has any use for it...please!

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