Life is exhausting!

Do you ever drop something and the thought of bending down to pick it up makes you want to cry? When I feel this way, it is usually late evening and I am spent. Mentally and physically. Like my body can't do one more extraneous or unexpected task. I often feel like calling one of the kids, who are lower to the ground, just to fetch it for me. Low grocery store shelves are cruel in this way too. It takes more and more effort these days to squat (and then get back up!) that low.

I have been so busy that I can't even get to Target for groceries and other odds and ends I need. Well today is the day. And that means TWO separate trips to Target. One with my four year old, to buy all his patience can handle, and the other alone after the husband gets home from work. Actually the 4 year old is usually quite good in Target and it is usually me who feels spent and overwhelmed first. Plus the cart is usually bursting at the seams and that is my cue to leave as well. I need to go home, take a breather, eat something, and refresh myself and make a game plan (list) before trip #2.


The thought of planning for my boys' upcoming joint birthday party fills me with dread. What will I make? I need to make two separate cakes. Write down all the ingredients. I refuse to do simple so this means two FROM SCRATCH cakes and all homemade food. Make sure I have everything I need to prepare the food. Fight with the husband the day before while cleaning the house and getting everything ready. I go into high stress mode.

I don't think planning parties is any fun at all. I wish I was rich and could afford caterers every time. And yet I refuse to cop out and simply order pizza and buy a store-bought sheet cake.


At least my boys were considerate enough to have birthdays only three days apart so I only need to slave for ONE party!

Just now I know I must clean the fridge, clip the cat's nails ( he likes it), discreetly get rid of some toys because of the upcoming birthdays, buy and wrap birthday presents, switch my comforter and rotate the mattress, clean this messy house (again), get a new watch battery, make a separate trip to Whole Foods even though I hate that store because I couldn't find a few items I needed at Jewel, and put up Halloween decorations.

And when I finally fold the laundry, THIS happens:


My nightly before bed ritual exhausts me to no end as well. Yet I refuse to give it up. At night it's cook or dishes, kid homework, reading, jammies, brush teeth, inspect their clothing for stains and add stain remover if applicable (boys are messy!), then onto me: Shower, brush, floss, mouthwash or salt rinse, eye cream, face cream, body lotion.

My days are full, I work full time, cook, clean, work out, handle problems, and rarely sit at home. ( I save that for work. BA DUM!!) And the two days a week when I have to wash my long, thick, tangled hair that takes so long, I just want to throw in the towel of life.

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