I get to work out today!

exercise-841167_1280YAY! (Or so I told myself)

Since I really hate working out, especially on Fridays when I get home after work (I dread it all day long and it ruins my Fridays), I thought I would try a little reverse psychology on myself, and instead think, "I get to work out today!"

Let's face it, no one likes working out. It sucks. It hurts. It is not natural (can you imagine cavemen doing jumping jacks or yoga? NO. They got their exercise naturally.) I have to FORCE myself every single time. Mind over matter. My motivation is thinking of how good it will make me look and feel, being healthy, and that great feeling you have when it is over.

I say things to myself like, it is ONLY an hour. One hour out of your whole day. Surely you can get through one hour right? You can modify the moves or exercise if you are just not feeling it (I give myself that out, but 90 percent of the time I find that I have ample energy and give it my all). Heck I even took a long walk drunk one night because I NEEDED MY EXERCISE!!

It helps when you change your mindset. What else helps? Doing a workout BEFORE setting foot in your house. You know, the place with the irresistible couch and stretchy pants. The place with the food.

Also, VARY your workouts to prevent boredom! (and to keep a constant state of muscle confusion). I'll give you an example of what I do: Three times a week, on SET days and times (this is very important, it keeps you accountable- I do Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays), I do a half hour of weights in my garage and then a 35 minute jog, bike ride, or treadmill run. I usually lift weights with music or TV and sometimes with the husband (company helps). Variety!

In the winter if it's too cold (I hate being cold!) I switch to workout videos in the basement. I often rent some from the library because, as I said, variety! I also try to take a half hour walk two other times a week, sometimes on my lunch break.

If you have dogs, walk them daily. If you have two, this is even better. Walk the first dog in the morning and the second in the evening. It will almost force you to walk the second if you have already walked the first, because hey, you don't want to let ol' Droopy Eyes shame you into not giving him even treatment do you?

I really don't understand why a "gym" is not a standard room in all houses. We must certainly all have a room devoted to eating, often times even two with a kitchen AND dining room, but not one for another vital function of life- exercise. We have home offices. Playrooms. Dens. Rec rooms. Flex rooms. Guest rooms. I'd like to see gyms made more of a priority! Half of my garage is a gym, because to me exercise is more important than cars. (the other half is kid stuff). Pricey gym memberships are NOT necessary!

I have started imagining myself as a donut if I do no physical activity that day. I feel round, heavy, blubbery and sloppy. Like a donut. Don't be a donut. Be a celery! cake-2201867_1280

Yes, I hate exercise, but I hate being overweight and unhealthy more. I know others would say the opposite. Which choice will you make?

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