The eyeroll that is Facebook

Before you post on Facebook, why not ask yourself- Is this interesting? Does this add anything of value to anyone? Perhaps a tip someone can use to better their lives? Does it offer a laugh, a point to make you think, or a trip down memory lane? All good reasons for posting. Reasons that are... Read more »

Thoughts on signs of aging

I walked into work one mild morning wearing gloves. My boss laughed and asked why I was wearing them. “To protect against age spots” I said. He erupted in laughter. The older I get, the more I hate my thin, veiny hands. I try to ward off making them uglier from sun exposure by wearing... Read more »

Food...a passionate love affair

I am quite passionate about food. One day after hearing me complain for the umpteenth time about my day job, the husband said, “just quit then!” I quickly retorted with, “no, I need money for my FOOD!” I have grown to hate most processed foods. I was making homemade pizza yesterday and told the husband,... Read more »

S'now secret: I hate you!

via GIPHY Boo to snow! Here is why I hate it- It quickly gets dirty and looks terrible, the shoveling, it ruins my perfectly placed Christmas lights on my bushes with its weight, it makes my car dirty and the salt makes it rusty, it makes my mudroom a sloppy mess, it ruins my cute... Read more »

The wisdom of getting older

Quickly approaching 40, I feel in a reflective mood lately.  Here are some observations: I no longer crave drama. Drama is overrated.  I prefer to fly under the radar, to be a bit mysterious. I no longer like the taste of milk chocolate or cheap candy.  I will gladly splurge on the pricier dark chocolate... Read more »

We introverts are misunderstood

As an introvert, this does not mean I am shy or anti-social. Rather it has to do with energy. I get and renew my energy by being alone. Being around people for too long exhausts me. I am always happy to have plans, vacation with others, or be invited out with friends. There are so... Read more »

Things I am currently loving

Disclaimer:  There will be LOTS of food loves mentioned here because I am one of those who live to eat, not those weirdos who eat to live.  As my parents always said, “I was always a good eater.” -The library.  My visits there are often the highlight of my week.  Hear me out.  Renting a... Read more »

Things I don't get!

-deviled eggs…because…let’s all get together for a party and snack on…fancy eggs? Why are these still a thing? -teaching little girls to be cheerleaders.  It sickens me to see parents on Facebook posting proud pictures of their little girls in their cheerleading outfits.  My first professional basketball game was also my last because I was sickened... Read more »

Irrational fears

I found myself in a Halloween store the other day, browsing mostly the wigs. It was a Saturday afternoon and the store was quite empty. All of a sudden I found myself alone in the back, surrounded by sinister masks, eerie graveyard scenes and creepy hologram pictures of normal people that change into ghouls when... Read more »

Life is exhausting!

Do you ever drop something and the thought of bending down to pick it up makes you want to cry? When I feel this way, it is usually late evening and I am spent. Mentally and physically. Like my body can’t do one more extraneous or unexpected task. I often feel like calling one of... Read more »