I am so over pets!

My pets? A cat, two goldfish and a Boston Asshole. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for pets. And ESPECIALLY for pets behaving badly! When I catch my cat doing something stupid, my Lucifer voice comes out, a voice I don’t even recognize as mine and I go all Satan on him.... Read more »

A social media break (is needed for my sanity!)

Lately when I am having a rough time and constantly upset, I put myself on a social media break. I remove the Facebook shortcut from my phone and resist signing in on a computer too. I did this over a long weekend and it felt so good. I caught up with life and my reading.... Read more »

Trying to organize pictures is making me cray cray

My New Year’s project was organizing my pictures since I actually had two blissful (or so I thought) days off in a row. No Twilight Zones for me, I was determined to finish up my overwhelming project that I have put off for too long. I have pictures in albums I wanted to redo as... Read more »
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Why I hate pregnancy

OK, so the cat is officially out of the bag, please spare me the fanfare. The only thing getting me through this torture is knowing that I never have to do this again and the tall glass of booze waiting for me at the end. I bought a $50 bottle of booze (#boozesnob) shortly before... Read more »

Allergy Awareness (is needed!)

Often we see this term tied to cancer. “Awareness”. Yet is anyone not aware of cancer? While the cancer attention and fundraisers are great, I would love to see more public awareness about life threatening food allergies. Now before you click away because you think this does not apply to or interest you, please hear... Read more »

The eyeroll that is Facebook

Before you post on Facebook, why not ask yourself- Is this interesting? Does this add anything of value to anyone? Perhaps a tip someone can use to better their lives? Does it offer a laugh, a point to make you think, or a trip down memory lane? All good reasons for posting. Reasons that are... Read more »

Thoughts on signs of aging

I walked into work one mild morning wearing gloves. My boss laughed and asked why I was wearing them. “To protect against age spots” I said. He erupted in laughter. The older I get, the more I hate my thin, veiny hands. I try to ward off making them uglier from sun exposure by wearing... Read more »

Food...a passionate love affair

I am quite passionate about food. One day after hearing me complain for the umpteenth time about my day job, the husband said, “just quit then!” I quickly retorted with, “no, I need money for my FOOD!” I have grown to hate most processed foods. I was making homemade pizza yesterday and told the husband,... Read more »

S'now secret: I hate you!

via GIPHY Boo to snow! Here is why I hate it- It quickly gets dirty and looks terrible, the shoveling, it ruins my perfectly placed Christmas lights on my bushes with its weight, it makes my car dirty and the salt makes it rusty, it makes my mudroom a sloppy mess, it ruins my cute... Read more »

The wisdom of getting older

Quickly approaching 40, I feel in a reflective mood lately.  Here are some observations: I no longer crave drama. Drama is overrated.  I prefer to fly under the radar, to be a bit mysterious. I no longer like the taste of milk chocolate or cheap candy.  I will gladly splurge on the pricier dark chocolate... Read more »