MY husband, MY wife

The notion of marriage bothers me, yet I am married. I believe in marriage, more than most people. I believe in marriage before kids (I know, call me old fashioned!) I do have an have issue with “belonging” to someone, which is where the marriage part bothers me. I know my friend’s wife. I know... Read more »

I'm so tired!

Do you ever get so tired sometimes that you feel physically ill? Do you ever just get tired of showering? Not that I plan on stopping for good, but it can be a real chore sometimes, especially when I am tired and have no energy, and especially for women, especially when there’s the shaving and... Read more »

If I didn't have kids...

-I’d find a way to travel to the mythical, enchanting, far away countries I’ve always dreamed of. -I’d embark on a month long road trip, sleeping in my car every other night to save money. -Cooking would not be a priority -I’d move out of state in a heartbeat, without a plan -my house would... Read more »
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Getting older musings

  I REALLY HATE my hands at age 40. They are thin, bony, fragile, and veiny. I think I will have to go around wearing gloves at 45, I can barely stand looking at them now. The husband often says, “Eww put those things AWAY”. One time when I was freezing cold at a ballgame... Read more »

Illinois you suck!

OK Illinois that’s it. I’ve had it with you. You’ve officially robbed me of the two closest family members I had here, my mom and my sister. You let Texas win. Texas always seems to win. It’s got better weather, a coast, several major and exciting cities, affordable taxes and homes, and it’s bigger of... Read more »

An introvert's problems

Oh no I feel a sneeze coming on. I’d prefer if you didn’t acknowledge my sneeze. Why do we all still do this? Yet I still do. Just not to strangers. I feel awkward if I don’t “bless” someone. And I’m not even religious! I hate the attention a sneeze brings. I was out for... Read more »


Let me start by saying you never want fleas to begin with. Anyone who doesn’t treat their outdoor pets is fair game, even those who have a very well manicured yard in the suburbs. Yes it can be a bit pricey for the medicine, especially for larger dogs, but if you if you told me... Read more »

Shopping for anything is getting so annoying

The other day, I was at a very popular store that sells hand soaps and lotions. When I went to check out with my two very overpriced yet two very lovely hand soaps, the cashier asked me, “was anyone helping you today?” Uh, helping me pick out SOAP??? As if the choice between Coconut Breeze... Read more »

24 words/phrases I hate

  1. Panties. Dirty old man word if you ask me. 2. Surgery. Sounds so…bloody and messy. I picture cutting flesh and surgical tools. When I had my recent c section, I called it “the procedure”. Sounds less graphic doesn’t it? 3. “Gone viral”. How about popular instead, which is what it really means? 4.... Read more »

Goodbye, pregnancy

I have a hard time with pregnancy because I hate attention. I don’t even like going for a walk during the day time, when people can see me in all my glory. The few times I have and I see people up ahead, I cross the street. I hate being stared at. Well now I... Read more »