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Please don't shoot my African American students

That title may seem a bit shamelessly provocative, but make no mistake, I’m asking seriously, begging in fact. Please don’t shoot my African-American students. Now understand, that’s not directed towards law enforcement only, but also towards “neighborhood watchmen”, gun fanatics itching for an opportunity to try out their new toy, those who feel baggy clothing... Read more »

Trayvon Martin: Tall, Black and suspended from school-AKA grounds for 'justifiable homicide'

Yesterday, a fellow ChicagoNow Blogger left this comment on a post written by Shantell Jamison, entitled :  Trayvon Martin Case: “Why it Has EVERYTHING To Do With Race”: The problem is that too many African Americans are seeing this as a “racist” issue even though NO ONE knows that facts in this case. Race pimps like Al... Read more »

'Fear' : Why Trayvon Martin is dead

Be afraid That’s the unmistakable message which Americans are incessantly fed, be it from the Media, from Religious figures, from Politicians.. Be afraid Your freedom, your family, your children, your home, your job, your religion, all that defines you, all that you hold near and dear, is in a constant state of peril, at risk... Read more »
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