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An open letter to Derrick Rose's Groin

  Dear This Thing, So look, I’m not what one would call a “Doctor”….or a “somewhat knowledgeable person when it comes to sports medicine, anatomy or physiology” , but…can you Mr. Groin, get your shit together…STAT? (That’s a “white coat” term for ASAP) I just can’t take this anymore. Sure, record wise the Bulls have... Read more »

Patrick Kane's ridiculous "spin-o-rama" assist (VIDEO)

Recently, I wrote a  Letter to Hockey imploring the sport to (re)accept me as a casual fan (NBA “Hardwood Classics” isn’t cutting it) . Well highlights like this (no that’s not Denis Savard), and the overall play of the apparently rejuvenated Hawks ( Kane in particular), surely make me happy that I did. (BTW-Hockey has permitted me... Read more »

An Open Letter to Hockey

Hey old friend-it’s me again. Yea from the early 90’s….and yes we’ve “hooked up” a few times more recently. Well I know in the past you’ve said “Oh you only come around when you need something, when you’re desperate..and then when you find something better you move on”. I wanna say that although you were... Read more »
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