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The Simple Solution to Jay Cutler's Public Perception Problem

The Simple Solution to Jay Cutler's Public Perception Problem
By John Grubisich ( When it comes to his on-field performance, “consistent” isn’t a word many would use to describe Jay Cutler. After all, how many times have we heard football analysts offer up this enlightening and illuminating insight : “It really depends on which Jay Cutler shows up…” However, when  it comes to the way... Read more »

"Cutty Come Back" (Jay Cutler Video/Song)

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Via YouTube User “magicuno”: A song I (“Magic 1″ aka Jesus in Chicago) wrote about Jay Cutler’s recent injury. Produced by Chad in Portland (@chadinportland). Follow me on Twitter: @magic_uno Be Good Friends, @koolking83

Jay Cutler is Havin' Himself a Season

Jay Cutler is Havin' Himself a Season
Regardless of what the pundits may tell you, or what the booya’s in Bristol say, Jay Cutler is having himself quite the season so far.  His numbers may not be spectacular like Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but Jay Cutler is putting his team in a position to win every time he steps on the... Read more »

A Short Tangential Rant

 This being a human thing can be a bit maddening. Ya know…if you’re driving and a fellow motorist generously allows you to enter their lane…or stops so that you can turn into their lane (basically makes any thoughtful concession for your benefit) and you don’t acknowledge it-be it by a wave (preferably while smiling) or... Read more »
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