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'Change Did Happen'-Obama's Record in Three Minutes (VIDEO)

Thumbnail image for ''Change Did Happen'-Obama's Record in Three Minutes (VIDEO)'
Video via YouTube user Digitocalypse /Twitter account @changedidhappen Be Good Friends, @koolking83

GOP Debate Crowd Stays Classy, Boos Gay Soldier

You can always count on the GOP Presidential Debates for a “Wait…did that just happen?” moment. We’ve already seen a debate crowd become sexually aroused over capital punishment. Then there was the sadistic, emphatic call for death regarding   a  hypothetical 30 year old man who is dying but uninsured. Then came yesterday. When candidate, “wait who’s... Read more »

Don't Ask Don't Tell: December 21, 1993-September 20, 2011

“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, the misguided, discriminatory policy regarding Gay’s and Lesbians serving in the Military, died today at 17. The 1993 policy, which was driven by ignorance and fear,   required military officials/superiors not to ask members about their sexual orientation, (in the absence of evidence indicating homosexuality) (“Don’t Ask) and essentially warned homosexual/bisexual servicemen and... Read more »
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