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Building Credit as a New Small Business Owner

As a new small business owner, you’ve likely injected some of your own personal money into your small business. Hoping that your investment will pay off, you’re willing to take risks to help promote your dream of business success. But you never want to go into personal debt to fund your business. There’s a reason... Read more »

Common Tech Problems and How to Solve Them

Learning how to deal with problems is a normal part of owning or working with computers, tablets, or smartphones. No matter how smart and sophisticated these machines get, they still need our help when something goes wrong. And sooner or later, something will go wrong. In some cases, a reboot is everything you need to... Read more »

Estate Planning Essentials: Steps to Protect Your Family

There’s no denying it – estate planning can be extremely boring. Although nobody really likes doing it, it is something that must be done. After all, if something were to happen to you, you wouldn’t want your loved ones dealing with a financial burden just because you didn’t have your financial affairs in order. Keep... Read more »

Big Data and the Future of Business

If you’re a business owner wondering where your future opportunities lie, look no further than the big data sector. Thanks to innovation in data analysis, today’s companies have a virtual smorgasbord of information at their disposal. What once used to take weeks and months to compile can now be accessed with nothing more than a smartphone... Read more »

An Open Letter to my Graduating Senior Class

I’m of course writing this for my High School’s graduating class, to the students I’ve known and taught for the previous three years. However I share it so as to not only broadly speak to some of the misconceptions and stereotypes which exist regarding this generation, but to also possibly strike a chord with other... Read more »

Men, Mother's Day should be about more than your Mom

I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure your mom is great, a no doubt annual winner of the somewhat subjective “Mom of the Year” contest. Your grandma, your favorite aunt, they all get some recognition too–some symbolic gift which serves to say “you’re like a mother to me”. And that’s wonderful, but Mother’s Day... Read more »

An open letter to my nephew who "came out" on New Year's Day

Thursday morning, New Year’s morning, a day inherently of new beginnings, my teenage nephew “came out”  to his father. This was undoubtedly after years of internal struggle and anxiety, culminating in a recent inpatient hospitalization for depression. He told me his coming out was partly motivated by the story of Leelah Alcorn , the teenager... Read more »

Please don't shoot my African American students

That title may seem a bit shamelessly provocative, but make no mistake, I’m asking seriously, begging in fact. Please don’t shoot my African-American students. Now understand, that’s not directed towards law enforcement only, but also towards “neighborhood watchmen”, gun fanatics itching for an opportunity to try out their new toy, those who feel baggy clothing... Read more »

OFA, Springfield Residents, push Rep.Schock on Immigration Reform (Video/Pictures)

(PICTURES Following Story) On Tuesday, Organizing for Action Springfield, along with many local residents, held an event outside the offices of Rep. Aaron Schock, urging him to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Last week of course, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a historic Immigration Reform bill, with both Illinois Senators-including Republican Mark Kirk-voting in favor of the... Read more »

OFA, 3rd District Residents, push Rep. Lipinski on Immigration Reform

#DREAMer Marnee Ostoa tells her #AmericanStory
(PICTURES following text) From the OFA official press release : On Monday, July 1, 2013 after the winning vote for comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate, Organizing for Action – Illinois, Chicago 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno and local community members held an event calling on Rep. Lipinski to continue support for CIR.  Sixty-eight Senators banded together in voting for a... Read more »
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