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From The Daily Show- Lin and other Asians are 'taking' the NBA from Blacks...during Black History Month (VIDEO)

“Carmelo Anthony’s job is being outsourced to China” Video via the The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Larry Wilmore’s Lin-Grown Toenail Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog The Daily Show on Facebook Be Good Friends, @koolking83

We learn from Whitney Houston's drug addiction, not her voice

  “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it”. This simple quote by Philosopher George Santayana, represents the most fundamental truth regarding the progress we -as individuals, as a Country, and as a Planet- make. Essentially:  learn from the mistakes and successes of the past, and act and/or adjust accordingly. After all,... Read more »

Chicago man suing Southwest Airlines for 45 free drinks

Chicago attorney Adam Levitt says Southwest Airlines owes him some drinks, 45 to be exact, and well, he’s ready to drink. See up until recently, Southwest had given customers free drink coupons-with no expiration date, for purchasing premium “Business Select” tickets. Adam Levitt was regularly one of those business select customers, and his travels had... Read more »

A Tribute to Friday Night Lights

A Tribute to Friday Night Lights
Television is said to be diluted; devoid of the great sitcoms and dramas of the late 20th century.  In an era of TV where Kardashian shows are book-ended by Kardashian shows, and a lack of reality and substance seems to define what is offered on a nightly basis, there is one show that offered everything... Read more »

I hope Casey Anthony has a long and painful battle with Cancer, which culminates in an unrelated deadly explosion

This will be short and to the point. Casey Anthony killed her two year old daughter. In the days following what she claims was her daughter’s accidental drowning, Casey did what any grieving mother would do-and by grieving mother I mean any narcissistic, sociopath free of the unwanted burden that is a child-she partied, even... Read more »

Ryan Dunn: A "Good" or "Bad" Person? Life isn't that Simple

What defines a person’s character? Are there two broad categories of people-good and bad? Do we employ a litmus test when judging people? Last week, a reckless amount of alcohol and speed, led to a fiery automobile accident which claimed the lives of former Jackass star Ryan Dunn, as well as his friend Zachary Hartwell.... Read more »
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