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How College Students Manage Their Finances

If your child is off to college, it might be the first time that he or she is going to be in charge of their finances. So, while deciding what to pack and buying textbooks and dorm décor, don’t forget something very important: a discussion about finances.   If you haven’t already talked about it,... Read more »

Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms are confidential, secure virtual meeting rooms where business professionals can review sensitive documents. Businesses that are concerned about security and privacy should not be without a virtual data room and those in the finance, health care and law industries have been quick to see the advantages. There are many reasons why using... Read more »

How to Prevent Third Parties from Selling Your Data

Whenever you browse the web or use your smartphone, you may be unknowingly giving data away – data that can identify where you are and what you’re doing. Think it sounds like a conspiracy theory? Think again. In January of this year, T-Mobile and Sprint made a promise that they’d stop selling location data (i.e.... Read more »

7 Qualities Employers Look for When They're Hiring

The accomplishments, skill sets, and work history mentioned on your resume will show employers you would be able to perform well on the job. However, when you get to the job interview, they’ll pay more attention to your personality. This is the perfect chance for you to impress them with certain qualities. Keep in mind... Read more »

Better Ways to Teach Teens to Drive

If teaching your teenager to drive strikes fear in your heart, listen up because we’ve got some useful tips for making the experience a lot less stressful.  Yes, it’s frightening to think that you’re going to be letting your child take control of one of your most expensive assets. But being able to drive is... Read more »

How to Protect Employees from Exposure to Toxins

Employers have a right to protect their employees from exposure to toxins. Utilizing a hierarchy of control is recommended by the United States Department of Labor, and it’s one of the key methods of protecting employees from toxins. The following type of control, from the bottom up, will be used to protect employees from toxins:... Read more »

The Health Benefits of Walking

Getting up in the morning can sometimes be an agonizing affair, your joints hurt, you feel drained and above all, you don’t feel like going to work. When you finally get to work, you sit behind a desk all day and waste away the hours on your bum. After work, you drive home and crash... Read more »

Drug Abuse Threatens Chicago Youth

  Sadly, in the past decade, it seems that drug abuse has become more widespread, especially amid the opioid crisis in America and in high-risk, urban cities like Chicago. Therefore, as parents, older siblings, aunts, uncles, and even close friends, we must initiate conversations with our youth about the potential hazards of drug abuse and... Read more »

How to Get a Motorcycle License

It’s hard to ignore the allure of the motorcycling lifestyle. Riding symbolizes freedom and the open road. You have the bike and all of your gear, but you’re missing one crucial thing: your motorcycle license. You’ll need a special license or an endorsement in order to ride legally on the road. Here’s how to get... Read more »

3 Rituals That the World's Entrepreneurs Follow for Success

Do you need to have rituals to be a success in the business world? No, but they help. If you look at the world’s success stories, both in large businesses and small businesses, the owners often have a ritual that they can pinpoint as a major part of their success. For some, this ritual involves... Read more »
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