How Optimizing Your Call Center Can Increase Revenue

Most people think the primary purpose of a call center is to retain customers. By offering support to products, companies prevent customers from bolting to competitors. But a call center can increase revenue in multiple ways.

First, it must be said that call centers can indirectly increase sales. Besides offering post-purchase support, excellent customer service has other stages. You can use a service like Aceyus to determine what part of the journey they are on. A potential customer could use your website’s webchat when narrowing down his buying choices. This is very useful if your product is particularly complex and a great way for your company to differentiate itself from competitors. Also, many company surveys have shown that superior customer experience has overtaken price and product as key brand differentiators. Great customer service gets multiplied when friends tell friends.

There is an opportunity to increase revenue right off the bat: when a caller is placed on hold, instead of playing annoying elevator music or bad 80s pop, consider a recording about a new product or a special promotion. Think about it: you already have their undivided attention and it’s prime time for selling. Hopefully, this sparks the curiosity for customers for more upselling.

For upselling, your agents will need to go beyond just merely answering client questions and solving problems. But by resolving an issue, your agent will build rapport. It’s a great time to sell because the agent figures out what the customer wants and has the opportunity to upsell them what they need. For example, if the customer has a broken car, your agent could upsell them on a service plan or new tires.

That being said, it does require a higher-skilled employee than many customer service agents. Not only do they need to have good problem-solving skills, but they need to have at least some sales aptitude. Further training will be needed to teach them how to close sales. Additionally, agents will need a deep knowledge of products and services. If your product range is especially large, you might need to divide your workforce into specialists.

Basic kindness will increase the likelihood of an upsell. Train your agents to show genuine appreciation and to reverberate positively with customers. Basic courtesies like please and thank you are important. Even simple acts like these make asking for purchases much easier. These acknowledgments can even be built into your follow-up emails and pre-recorded scripts.

If you can, have the same agent deal with the customer again and again. If you nurture a relationship over the long term, the trust will build. The customer will be more willing to be upsold something.

You don’t have to wait for a customer to call you up with a problem. If you have some employees doing nothing, you can do some outbound calls. Check-in with customers on recent purchases. These are great opportunities to cross-sell, where they can suggest additional products and services.

Lastly, a properly loaded Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software will be worth its weight in gold. Your agents would be able to look up past purchases and interactions and preferences. This can yield many interesting sales ideas.

A call center is not just about solving customer problems. If you follow these tips it can directly increase sales.

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