Creating a Professional Image – Starting with Your Office

Brand image is more important than you think. When clients walk through your office doors, you want to convey a message of professionalism and care. Sending the wrong message can cost you business – and put a stain on your reputation.

Everything from your office layout to your lighting and organization can impact your brand’s image.

Here are some tips to make your workspace more professional. 

Keep it Clean and Organized

A tidy, organized space tells clients that you care about your business. A messy, disorganized space sends the opposite message.

I once walked into a land surveyor’s office and immediately decided that I didn’t want to give him my business. Why? He had stacks of client papers on the floor. Books were piled on the chairs that clients were supposed to sit in. The back office had files everywhere. 

I worried that if I hired him to survey a piece of land, he may never be able to find my file in the piles of disorganized papers in his office. 

If your office isn’t organized, how can you possibly give clients the attention they deserve? Having to sort through piles of paper to find a client’s file will give the impression that you never even gave them a second thought. 

To keep your office clean and tidy:

  • Store physical files in filing cabinets, and make sure that they are organized using a system that best suits your company.
  • Hire a janitorial service to keep your office clean.
  • Hire windows companies to keep your windows clean. Dirty, spotty windows can give a poor impression. 
  • Implement a clean desk policy requiring employees to maintain a clean, organized desk space.

Invest in Quality, Functional Furniture

Outfit your office with quality, functional furniture that’s ergonomic and comfortable. You want your workspace to reflect your brand and company culture, but you also want your employees to feel comfortable in the office. After all, employees will spend at least eight hours a day in the workplace.

There are many variables to consider when choosing office furniture, but if you want to convey a professional image, your furniture should match – or at least work well together. Mismatching furniture is okay, but if you have too many different styles, colors and types of furniture in the office, it may disrupt the flow and make things look chaotic. 

Incorporate Natural Elements

Plants and natural light can help create a professional image. Studies have shown that exposure to natural light helps improve productivity in the workplace. Plants can have a similar effect. Both help create a more relaxed environment where employees are better able to focus on the tasks ahead.

From a client’s perspective, incorporating these elements into your office layout shows that you care about your employees and their productivity. Happy employees tend to produce better-quality work. 

Incorporating natural elements into your office’s design can also make clients feel more at ease when visiting the office and generally helps create a more positive experience.

Creating a professional image is important for every brand, and your efforts should start with your office. After all, the office is where many clients get a first impression of your brand. 

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