How Pet Care Is Evolving

Pet care, like many industries, is evolving with technology. Pet tech, as it is called, encompasses a new category of products and services which are cutting edge.

New gadgets and apps, together with revolutionary services, allow you to take care of your pets better and provide a better life for them. These new technologies are rapidly moving into the mainstream – take a look at this quick overview of how pet care is evolving, and in which ways you can use it.

What falls under the category of pet tech?

The term pet technology encompasses new gadgets, services, software platforms, hardware, and veterinary equipment. Companies are taking advantage of data to provide better services and new ways of keeping your pets happy.

This new field has also begun to branch off and specialize, so there are specific categories such as doggytech, kittytech or birdytech.

No matter what type of pet you have, these new technologies are being tailor-made to suit their needs. Data is the key word here – it’s never been easier to stay informed about the well-being of your pet.

Huge industry growth and opportunity

In 2017, the US population spent more than $72 billion on pet care. There are currently about 393 million pets in the US alone, covering about 68% of all households. It’s a huge market, ripe for investment and innovative start-ups.

And Silicon Valley has noticed this, giving the market additional momentum. Almost two-thirds of surveyed pet owners use technology to keep track of their pets. The convenience of new, smart products and services appeals to everyone, and cutting-edge pet tech is making life easier for both pets and their owners.

Even veterinary professionals are starting to embrace the new possibilities that these technologies can provide.


Owning a pet entails a lot of responsibilities. Feeding your pet and keeping it clean and healthy can be tiring and time-consuming. Thankfully, new pet care products take advantage of automation.

The biggest advances have happened with automatic pet feeders. New, smart technology can dispense both dry and wet food, as well as track consumption and place orders for new food automatically. Some models are even compatible with microchips and open only when a pet is near.

When it comes to cat care, the biggest improvement has been made to litter boxes. An automatic litter box is self-cleaning and separates litter from waste. Many companies are conducting research to figure out a way to track a cat’s health via the litter box. It’s amazing how a single product can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Smart Technology

The realm of pet tech is not immune to the advent of smart technology. New, connected devices offer never before seen insights into your pet’s health and habits. This data is invaluable when it comes to taking good care of your animal companion.

Smart pet collars can already give you information about the heart rate and activity of your pet. This helps with weight management and can help you figure out just how much exercise they need, or if they need a visit to the vet. And all of this information is easy to access – it goes straight to your phone.

Smart beds detect changes in weight and can even adjust the temperature to ensure maximum comfort. And as far as entertainment goes – smart toys are fully controllable and a great way to keep your pets busy and happy. Smart toys are very trendy at the moment – small robots, ball launchers, and interactive laser toys will keep your pet happy for hours.

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