5 Tricks Internet Hackers Use to Scam You

Hackers make their living from accessing valuable information online and using it to their advantage. While you’re innocently browsing online, a hacker could be lurking in the background waiting to scam you.

This is their job, and they’re as devoted to it as a profession. Their reward at the end of each working day is private information that they can manipulate and use to their advantage.

What are some of the tricks hackers are using on their unsuspecting victims?

  1. Hackers can access your data through your fridge!

Any smart device is a computer. It is linked to your internet connection. Many of these appliances are not as secure as you’d like to think they are. Your smart fridge or smart TV are soft targets for hackers.

Once a hacker has accessed one device linked to your internet connection, the rest is history. They can quickly gain access to your computer and sensitive information like identity, banking details, and credit card numbers. In the blink of an eye, your online life becomes theirs to sift through, stealing what they need.

The solution: Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It adds an extra layer of encryption to your online activities and makes them harder to hack. Read reviews for the best VPN for Android and iOS.

  1. Hackers attack public and known networks

The few seconds you’re connected to a public network are all hackers need. Hackers don’t even need to be in the vicinity to access your device. But once they get inside, you’ll have a hard time getting them out.

When you leave the house, your device disconnects from your wi-fi and starts searching for known networks. A determined hacker will find these known networks and set up networks to imitate them so that they can access your device.

The solution: Turn the Wi-Fi connection off when you leave the house. Do not use public Wi-Fi, especially those that don’t require a password.

  1. Hackers attack through Bluetooth

Bluetooth is something anyone with a hands-free facility in their car uses. The phone must connect with the system via Bluetooth.

For hackers, this is like you opening the front door and inviting them in for a cup of coffee. Without protection, a hacker can pair their device with yours using the Bluetooth function.

The solution: Turn off the Bluetooth function when you get out of your car. Go to the settings and disable your visibility. Set your Bluetooth up in such a way that a code is needed for any new device to connect to it.

  1. Hackers use downloads to invade your devices

When you click on an interesting site and browse through what it has to offer, hackers are waiting for you. They want you to click on something to download it.

Then the site will tell you that you need a specific document reader or media player. Clicking to install it and allowing it to make changes to your computer installs malware that a hacker can use.

The solution: Be very careful about downloading and installing new software on your computer when prompted to do so on a website.

  1. Hackers love the fact that you use the same password for everything

You use passwords, security codes, and PINs daily. Keeping track of them is hard, so you resort to using the same password for everything. And you keep them simple like using your dog’s name.

A hacker capitalizes on this. They hack into ‘easy’ sites where they can access your password and then use it to get into more secure websites.

The solution: Set up different passwords for different sites and keep track of them with a Password Manager.


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