5 Tips To Make International Travel Easier

International travel is a great way for escapism and learning new cultures and traditions, but in some countries, not everything is rosy because laws and regulations change.

Think about laws you never knew existed, one from La Paz, Bolivia states that a married woman is not allowed to have more than one glass wine and one from Singapore has banned the chewing of gum.

It may be useful to know a few tips on how you can make your international travel easier and not end up in a foreign jail.

Live Streaming

Let’s talk about people’s favorite, Netflix. If you were out and about all day touring China, or other countries or places like Crimea, North Korea or Syria and return to your hotel suite and want Netflix, it may be impossible.

In these countries, Netflix has been blocked. But you don’t have to stay bored all cooped up in your bed. If you have a VPN for Netflix installed in MacBook, you don’t need to worry about missing your favorite shows. It will redirect your IP address to another country and then you can access all your favorite TV shows and latest flicks without any restrictions.

You can even use your VPN to access websites you enjoy in your home country that are restricted in your traveling country.

Read the laws and regulations

You don’t have to go deep into reading laws and regulations as if you are trying to apply for citizenship, but the basic do’s and don’ts can save you from being apprehended and confined in a foreign jail. It may even enrich your travel experience if you get to know the laws of that country.

You may use Google to find this kind of information and even the country’s website. The bottom line is you need to know what you are getting yourself into and what may get you in trouble with local law enforcement.

Alert the embassy

The situation of a country can change within a moment’s notice, protests may become more and more violent, terror attacks may strike and natural disasters can even leave you stranded. This is why you should alert the embassy of your presence in that country.

With the information you have given to the embassy, it may help extract and evacuate you and if the situation has escalated, they can rescue you or recover your remains. The importance of this cannot be stressed any further.

Financial matters

Before you travel, calculate and budget your money according to local currency because a lot can change after you have converted it from your country’s currency to local currency.

Once you have landed in the traveling country, rather go to a bank than converting your money at a conversion center at the airport that will charge you high. Changing money at the airport mostly prove to be a rip-off.

Always have some local cash on your because you may not be able to use your credit card on a taxi, bus or train. Be sure that your credit card will work in the country you are going to travel.

Book your tickets beforehand

Try to avoid procrastination as hard as you can and secure your airline ticket, hotel bookings and car rental (if applicable) well in advance. You can imagine the stress of securing an airline ticket only not to get a hotel suite. To avoid this, do your traveling plans all in one to avoid the headache you may get later on.

Consider even booking tickets for tourist attraction points, live shows or any other place you want to see or visit. For this, you do need to research a little about what will be happening while you are traveling there.

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