3 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Dogs can be a welcomed addition to most families, but they can also be a major expense if you purchase your pup from a breeder or pet store. Instead of doling out money to a breeder, why not rescue a shelter dog?

Affectionate, loyal and in-need, shelter dogs often need someone to give them a second chance at life.

If you’re looking for a loyal companion that wags his tail every time you walk through the door or have dog treats in your hand, you may want to consider adopting a shelter dog. Adoption will offer you:

1. Savings Over a Breeder

Animal shelters want to save lives – not make money. Sure, there are fees that need to be paid to keep the lights on and feed the animals, but they’re far lower than what a breeder will charge. The average cost to adopt a shelter dog is between $0 and $250 – sometimes higher.

Shelters that charge fees will offer a medical history for the pup, and the pup will often be up to date on vaccinations.

Breeders often charge $300 - $1,500 for a dog, and this price can be even higher, depending on the dog’s bloodline.

2. Fewer Surprises in Your Dog’s Behavior

Some shelter dogs will take time to warm up to their humans, but others will wag their tails and be happy to see you the moment you meet them. A dog’s behavior and personality is often intact when you adopt a shelter dog.

There are fewer surprises, and you may even learn about any trauma the pet experienced in the past.

Pet behavior is often evaluated by staff, so you’ll know if your forever friend doesn’t get along with kids, other dogs or cats, and you’ll also know about any special care or attention he will need.

3. You May Be Saving a Life

You might be saving the life of a dog, and shelter dogs all have different pasts. Chicago, in February, received 60 shelter dogs that endured a 10-hour trip from Toronto to the city in an 18-wheeler.

These pups also went on a 12-hour ride from Seoul to Toronto before landing in Chicago.

Well-traveled, these dogs were all rescued by the Humane Society International in South Korea. These dogs, which include a variety of breeds from Dachshunds to chihuahuas and French bulldogs, were all rescued from puppy mills that sell the dogs for meat.

Known as dog meat farms, these dogs could have been slaughtered, having their meat sold which happens to 2.5 million dogs annually in South Korea.

Animal shelters or rescues have many older dogs available for adoption, but they often have younger dogs, too. It's possible to adopt a dog that’s only a few months old, so if you’re adamant on a “puppy,” shelters are still an option.

Adoption is one way to also fight back against puppy mills, helping stop the practice of breeding facilities that keep their dogs in poor conditions without proper medical care. Oftentimes, puppy mills result in dogs that are neglected, troubled or even sick.

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