How to Study Smart: 5 Ways to Learn Faster

Throughout school and college, most students study in a way that they remember as much material as possible in order to correctly answer questions on the upcoming exams. They are trained to learn simply by repeating the material over and over until they’ve remembered it. Although this way of studying can help you remember the material, it won’t bring you closer to understanding it.

Know that you’ll need to have knowledge of certain subjects if you want to be successful at your job. You won’t be able to get a good position at a company if you don’t remember anything you’ve learned in school. Be aware of the fact that even when you start working, you’ll most likely continue professional education and master certain skills through courses. Because of this, it’s important to know how to study smart. In order to learn faster, you will need to know how to understand new concepts and ideas. Here are 5 ways to start studying smart.

Understand the Fundamental Principles

Understanding the fundamental principles of the subject at hand is essential if you want to move on to the next chapter. Keep in mind that you should never go through the first chapters quickly, since this is usually where the most important and basic information is found. Only after you’ve mastered the fundamental principles of certain subjects can you move on to the more complex chapters.

Use a Multimodal Approach

Using a multimodal approach to studying basically means learning the same information in different ways. When you read a certain chapter of a textbook, you may not completely understand it. This is completely okay. You’d probably be able to get it if you read it a few more times, but that would be a huge waste of time. Thanks to the internet, there is no need to keep reading the same textbook again and again. Instead, you can search for online videos related to the topic or search for other media like graphics or charts. It’s also recommended to discuss the topic with your fellow students in order to get a better understanding of it.

One of the main reasons why a lot of online courses are so effective at teaching students is because they use a multimodal approach in order to explain each chapter. When you enroll in an online course, you will not only get a textbook, but you will get various images, videos, graphics, and other media in order to help you study smart. Nevertheless, you should know that there are many websites which offer online courses of poor quality. Before you enroll in a certain course, you’ll need to make sure it is the right one. Take for example CPA Self Study, a website that not only offers eBooks, audio, and video courses, but is interactive as well, meaning that it has review questions with detailed explanations. And you can’t go wrong with a course like that.

Use Flash Cards

Using flashcards to study is an excellent way to remember important concepts and key terms. In order to use this method of studying effectively, you should only write the most essential information on them. Having too many flashcards defeats the purpose of using them.

Take Breaks Regularly

When you’re studying, you may feel like you don’t have enough time for breaks. Nevertheless, you should know that by taking a few minutes to cool down will actually improve your ability to retain information. If you study for long time periods without taking breaks, you will become overwhelmed and you’ll completely lose focus. If you want to study effectively, you should start taking regular breaks.

Teach Someone Else

If you can teach someone else a concept you’ve been studying, then you’ll know for sure that you’ve learned it properly. If a fellow student asks for your help, don’t hesitate to teach them. By expressing information you’ve learned in your own words, it will become engraved in your mind.

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