How To Keep Yourself Motivated To Stay Healthy

Whether it's a new years resolution or a long-standing goal of getting healthy, it can be tough to keep our promises to ourselves to do better. Changes may seem minuscule and results can be slow to manifest. Stay motivated with these ideas for keeping on the healthy path. 

1. Small Steps

It's easy to get overwhelmed by daunting tasks. When we look at a huge goal and think of all the work it will take to complete it, we may start to decide it might be hard or not worth the effort. Lofty goals may even seem impossible when you still have so far to go. This way of thinking can easily lead to giving up early, or even not trying. 

One way to avoid this common pitfall is to break down your large goals into tiny actionable steps. This way you won't be overwhelmed by looking at months of hard work or committing yourself to a lifetime of exercise without any sweets or desserts. You can just focus on getting your daily exercise and making those healthier choices this week. 

2. Supportive People

Having others to talk to, confide in and celebrate with can go a long way. A support group, an online community or joining a fitness festival can be awesome ways to get positive encouragement and stay motivated. There will be times when you struggle with new habits and having others who can remind you of why you're doing this can recharge your resolve. 

Emotional support is vital on the journey to a healthier life. Many unhealthy habits can have roots in our emotional health and may even be connected to a previous trauma. Having someone to encourage you and genuinely celebrate with you about your positive changes renews inspiration and recharges motivation. 

3. Curb Negative Self-Talk

When making big life changes there will naturally be moments when you find yourself backsliding into old habits. Instead of berating with negative self-images and hurtful words, try to give yourself positive feedback and cultivate an optimistic and encouraging outlook on your journey's ups and downs. 

The stress from negative self-talk can actually take you farther away from your goal, even if your intention is to motivate yourself to do better. In reality, it's normal to make these mistakes and commending yourself for progress so far and committing to doing better is the best path. Asking yourself how you can do better next time is more productive and feels better too. 

4. Inspirational Speakers

When you're struggling with motivation, hearing the stories and tips of others who have been successful in similar endeavors can really help you understand what it takes to get there. It can be a reminder that what you're aiming for is possible, and you only need to have the perseverance and determination to continue on this path. Watching a motivational speaker can energize you and get you thinking creatively to solve your problems. 

Many times inspirational speakers know just what to say to help you get through your mental blocks. Realizing your habits of thinking may be keeping you stuck or draining your motivation can help you steer clear of these roadblocks. Feeding your mind with liberating thoughts and developing a habit of seeking ways to overcome mental blocks is a skill that will help you with any challenge. 

5. Realistic Expectations

Many of us fall into the habit of hoping that things will change quickly. While serious dedication can give you immediate results, many times it is recommended to shift your lifestyle gradually to ensure you stick with new changes. 

If you try to force things to happen too quickly, a backslide may be imminent and you may find yourself swinging back and forth like a pendulum between habits. It takes time to deal with the cascade of changes that result from dramatic life changes. When you learn to be gentle with yourself, you can take the time you need to let your body, mind, and emotions catch up with these changes. 

Although we may seek the gratification of immediate change, the answer is often in systematically making small changes. This can help maintain that momentum and keep you feeling good as you are victorious in each step. A mountain of goals can drain motivation and make you feel like you haven't accomplished much. It simply takes time for things to find their place and for you to adjust comfortably to your new healthy lifestyle.

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