8 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Being anxious and stressed can cause a sense of loss and confusion if you aren't sure how to handle it. When your mind is bogged down with anxiety, you could lose sight of what you're trying to accomplish in your day. Nothing is worse than allowing your stress to keep you stressed all day. Your job is to make sure that you use the following tools to have a better handle on your emotions and set yourself free. 


Meditation is so powerful to do because it can quiet your mind and help you relieve that stuff going on in your head. Take 5-15 minutes a day to sit down, breathe, and focus on your breath. It will help you focus and better zone in on your emotions. It's incredible what happens after a week when you meditate daily. Your clarity of mind and inner peace will encompass your entire body. 

Yoga And Stretching 

Yoga is meditation through movement. Going from one Yoga pose into the next is almost therapeutic in a way. Doing any form of stretching helps you zone in and better connect with your body. When you use your breath going in every pose, you are practical meditating. Stretching is a simple way to ease away your stress when the anxiety continues to kick in. 

Get Enough Sleep Every Night 

Sleep is the number one best solution to beat out anxiety and stress. The goal is to get about eight hours to get the maximum benefit. It's also helpful every once in awhile to take a nap when the stress hits you. It just allows you to reassess how you feel and get recharged for the rest of the day. 

Workout And Stay Active 

Workout every single day that you can. Stay as active as you can with all kinds of activities. Working out is vital to ensuring that you get those endorphins moving around your body. Simply keeping active gets the arms, legs, and the heart rate moving. It's the perfect way to relieve that stressful energy. 


Do you have a lot of thoughts going on in your head that you feel is causing some confusion? The best way to beat that out is to journal. Write down your emotions. Try figuring out what it is that is causing you stress and anxiety. Sometimes letting it out on paper allows you to free your mind of the stress. Journaling is also 

Chew Some Gum 

Based on research and several studies, chewing on gym helps release stress. Strongly chewing on them can help keep the brain flowing, causing the stress to slowly disappear. Studies showed that those who chewed gum more often had a better sense of wellbeing. 

Find Your Support System 

When you are going through a tiring and exhausting mental phase, the worst thing you can do is to isolate yourself from those you love and care about. Your job is to make sure that you find your support system. Find people whom you love and love you back, and try to have them by your side when you need the most. You don't want to fall into a depressive motion, because being in constant stress can lead to that. Having people to kick yourself back into gear can be what you need when you're not feeling 100 percent. 


Any excuse you can find to laugh at anything can be your best option for overcoming your stress and anxiety. When you decide to sit down to watch something funny, you set the tone for a happier day. Funny videos, listening to jokes, or simply hanging out with people who are naturally funny can be your pathway to having many reasons to laugh. Laughter boosts the immune system, relieves the stress response, and just genuinely makes you feel good. 

Are you struggling with anxiety and stress? Is the stress hitting you from all angles of life? Take a moment to take in the present moment and breathe for a second. The tips above will help you better put things into perspective and make good use of your time when you're in an anxious mindset. Being stressed out is a normal occurrence to a human, but what's bad is when you let it run your life and affect how you treat others and even yourself. If your stress is making you lash out or give up on things, then it's taking over you. Use the tips above to grab ahold of yourself once again and get back into the rhythm.

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