5 Tips For Keeping Your Employees Safe While Traveling

Traveling can be stressful. And, if your employees are traveling for business, you may need to take extra steps to keep them safe. Getting an employee prepared for a business trip should be done with the destination in mind. There are some things that should absolutely be considered when making these plans. So, here are 5 tips for keeping your employees safe while traveling. 

1. Communication 
As an employer, you need to make sure you establish what kind of communication is expected. Additionally, the employee needs to know what to do if they need to contact the employer but cannot get ahold of the people they need to speak with. Conversely, if an employee is supposed to contact you at a certain time, it may be an alert that something is wrong. This will give the opportunity to take steps to find out what is going on early on, instead of waiting and allowing a potential situation to become worse. Establishing the methods of communication also allows the employer to have the proper technology and security set up. 

2. Driving 
If the employee is driving to their destination and using a company vehicle, the employer needs to make sure it is safe. It is imperative to make sure the vehicle meets all safety standards and is inspected prior to the trip. Additionally, the employee should be provided with an emergency service they can contact in case the vehicle breaks down or there is some kind of problem with it. This will make sure the employee is driving a safe car and reduces the chance of anything going wrong. 

3. Travel Insurance 
As an employer, you may want to consider getting travel insurance for the employee’s trip. This kind of insurance can come in handy if the trip gets canceled at the last minute. It can save the company a lot of money because it can allow for reimbursement of airline tickets, hotel reservations, and more. Another situation this kind of insurance might be useful is if the employee has to be evacuated during their trip. This kind of insurance can help the employee focus on work and know that in the event of something going wrong, the company has taken care of addressing the issue. 

4. Logistics 
If an employee is traveling on business, they should be provided all the information possible on the area they are going to. This allows the employee to do research and find out information about the place they are going to. Knowing the location will give the employee the time to schedule meetings, find things to do when they are not working, and potentially take clients around the area while trying to secure business. Additionally, knowing the location, the employee can make sure they will have everything they need when they get there, like WiFi and a printer. 

5. Local Resources 
This kind of information becomes necessary especially when an employee is traveling to another country. In addition to knowing the local culture, it may be necessary to provide bodyguard services. This kind of service assigns a specific person to accompany and protect the employee from any situation that might arise. Being in a foreign country, the employee may not know all the customs and appropriate behavior. The bodyguard will be able to protect the employee, but can also serve as a source of information because they are familiar with the country and the area. 

Regardless of the place an employee needs to go to and whether they are driving, taking an airplane, or riding a train, there are always plans that need to be set in motion and monitored in order to keep them safe. Not all the precautions lie with the employer, but the employer must recognize that they are responsible for another person’s well-being and protection. Different companies handle varying levels of confidential and security-related services. And traveling employees vary from management, to owners, to VIPs. Each kind of employee has a different level of security because the VIP is much more vulnerable than a member of management. But that does not mean the security should be taken for granted. Planning and communication will make sure that the best measures of security are adopted.

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