4 Things a Small Business Owner Needs to Know About Hiring

A bad hire can create bottlenecks in your operations, cost your company money, and even be a threat to consumer data or intellectual property. Fortunately, small business owners can integrate smarter hiring practices to build a competent workforce. Consider this advice to make smarter hiring decisions as a small business owner. 

Create a Specific List of Qualifications and Skills 

If you lack a clear idea in what kind of employee and skills are necessary to perform a job, then you are less likely to hit the target for the best employee for the position the first time around. The more specific your qualifications in the job advertisement, the more likely you are to repel individuals who do not fit the role, and attract the few among the masses who can. 

The Wall Street Journal suggests that small companies are better off with flexible candidates who are used to smaller environments and don't require hand-holding. Candidates who are used to big business environments may not convert well into the small business atmosphere. On the other hand, choosing employees who are unqualified is more of a risk in some cases. If you feel the need to micromanage an employee that you believe “needs guidance”, it only slows business production down. However, an experienced, savvy worker can boost the entire flow of a small office or facility. 

Perform Background Checks to Screen Candidates 

A greater number of small businesses are using background checks to aid in the hiring process. A full background check may include citizenship status, criminal history (if any), prior employment records, educational history, credit reports, and even bankruptcies. The amount of information that may be gleaned from a background check differs based on the state and local laws in your area. There are both free and paid options available for employers. 

You can also perform another kind of background check on potential applicants via social media. Nearly 70 percent of employers now use social media checks to evaluate candidates. Forbes notes that you can evaluate a candidate's personality and identify positive and negative behaviors by examining social media profiles, pictures, and posts. For this reason, you should strongly consider evaluating an applicant on Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts to gain insight into their character and behaviors over time. 

Evaluate Candidates With Drug Testing 

After you select a pool of candidates for the interviewing process, you can also subject applicants to a drug test. Hiring someone who is under the influence of drugs can be a safety risk when handling equipment or hazardous materials on site, or it can be a serious liability for your company in case of accident or injury. Choosing a drug test and administering it to potential employees can help you find a stable candidate to fill any position in your company. 

Expand Your Reach in the Hiring Process 

Many owners of startups often find their first set of employees through networking in their circles. Entrepreneur suggests that small business owners should advertise the position in the right places such as trade or industry magazines, local newspapers and on employment sites on the internet.You can also use social media posts to attract and recruit new candidates. Consider candidates from a local temporary agency as well to fill entry-level roles, and you can test if a candidate is a prime fit for your company without making a final commitment quickly. 

No matter what applicant you choose to hire, you must ensure that each individual is a compatible fit for your company who shares similar values. Finding candidates who can integrate into your company culture and vibe with your current team is a must. Offering solid benefits and incentives for company employees can help you hire and retain top talent on your workforce. As you gain experience in hiring employees for your business, you can learn to identify the kind of traits and skills needed for anyone who desires to work for your company.

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