How about a "Gay Marriage Show Loophole"?

In the United States of America, in the year 2013, it is easier to obtain a gun than a marriage license.

That is, if you're gay.

To be more specific, it is easier for a violent sociopath to obtain a gun, than a gay couple to obtain a marriage license.

Again, and to be clear, if you are Gay, the United States Constitution, the Federal Government, and 36 individual States, would rather you have a gun than a marriage license.

Federal Law of course does NOT recognize the right of gays to marry, but does recognize and protect their right to bear arms. (Oh and of course the right of heterosexuals to bear arms as well—wouldn't want to have different rules for different people)

Federal Law does however require background checks to purchase a gun, and I suppose the same can be said of obtaining a marriage license:

"Wait, you two are gay?"


"Ok, you've failed the background check".

There are of course ways around those background checks—well for guns at least. In 33 states, private gun owners are not restricted from selling guns at gun shows-and that means no paper work, no background check, no questions asked.

So, in other words, the law, and the rationale on which it is based—that is, criminals, or dangerous/mentally unstable people should not be able to buy guns- does not apply, and fails to be relevant within the confines of a gun show. Common sense, reason, prudence, communal concern, all cease to exist, all fail to govern the behavior of those at a gun show.

So, in case this isn't clear, if a hate driven psychopath with a record of violence wishes to purchase a gun--say to turn his hate into public and permanent action--he could hypothetically simply visit a lawless gun show to obtain his "arm" of choice.

On the other hand, if a love driven gay couple with a record of commitment, wishes to Marry—so as to turn their love into public and permanent action-- they could hypothetically do...nothing. (In the majority of States-or of course , Federally speaking)

So-this of course begs the question, why not "Gay Marriage Shows"?

Where the law, and the archaic, discriminatory, ignorant, hateful rationale on which it is based, does not apply. Where, as is the purported goal of Gun Shows- freedom and liberty is protected, where the Government isn't allowed to "tread on" the love fueled aspirations of free and autonomous citizens.

No background checks, no questions about sexuality, or religion, or motive, just the facilitation of one's right to pursue love and happiness. (as opposed to say--facilitating one's pursuit of violence)

Or are Freedom and Liberty embodied only in guns and big gulps? Do we only protect our right to hate, to destruct, while limiting our right to love? Are advantageous loopholes available only to the greedy, the violent, the tax evaders, to potential gun seeking criminals?

No Country can claim to be developed, let alone exceptional, if its citizens are freer to hate than to love, if its laws legitimize rather than dispel the baseless fears which impede the progress and evolution of its citizens.

Simply, no Country, no people, can claim to be righteous, or moral, or loving, or yes, Christian, (not to mention sane)  if -at least in terms of its laws- it does more to prevent this from happening

than this


Be Good Friends,



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  • Getting down to basics, Lisa Simpson already thought of this, except Aunt Patty almost married a cross dresser with an Adam's apple. Her identical twin, Aunt Selma, has married about 8 men by now. Mayor Quimby picked up on the idea as a way to raise tourism revenue during the recession.

    Other than that, since both California and Illinois have civil unions (called domestic partnerships in California), I don't see how gay marriage is that meaningful a step, from either side of the debate.

    And, there were also the advocates of people engaged for a heterosexual marriage should go through some kind of training course before getting a license.

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