Joe Cowley may not be sexist, but @cst_cowley is, and we can't tell the difference

So, I guess Joe Cowley, or rather @cst_cowley,  went all Rush Limbaugh over the weekend huh?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the essentials, after all if you hadn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this, but just in case, here's a short refresher via A.V.-Chicago

Over the weekend, Sun-Times sports columnist Joe Cowley got into some hot water for sexist comments he made via Twitter about flight attendants and female pilots. In the short time since then, Cowley’s come under fire from all directions, more incidents have been reported, and his Twitter account was suddenly deleted

Now before you get cartoon steam-blowing mad, consider Joe's compelling defense:

It's all part of a gimmick.


Joe likes Wrestling-as in  World Wrestling Entertainment.

Joe-in the spirit of said fondness, created a “Heel” or villain type character on Twitter, which, as with Wrestling Villains, is provocative and irreverent, and aims to push all our delicate buttons.

This of course is why Joe is infamous for being a pot stirrer, for  being a ‘gratuitous supplier’ of rhetorical salt, when it comes to Chicago’s never ending supply of  Sports wounds.

His goal, like with Wrestling heels, is simply to generate “heat”, to receive Twitter “boos” if you will, from Chicago Sports fans, or “jamokes” as he often called us.

This of course was not hard for Joe to do, be it through calling Cub Fans unknowledgeable, blindly devoted  losers, Sox Fans-and their team- pathetically irrelevant, or, in a most unimaginative and yet effective act of antagonizing, becoming Chicago’s only, or at the very least, most overt and obnoxious Miami Heat fan. (Think  Pro- Iraq/Treasonous  Wrestler e.g.-Sergeant Slaughter-during the Gulf War -)

It was, according to Cowley and his defenders, not Joe Cowley- Sun-Times Featured Columnist, or Joe Cowley the father/husband who delivered those sexist, mean-spirited tweets in question, but rather this satirical “Twitter Villain Alter-Ego” of his, which aims to broadly and indiscriminately incense.

The name of this Twitter Villian-which again, is to be unmistakably separate and distinct  from the real, professional, mature Sun-Times Columnist Joe Cowley?


Yes-CST-as in Chicago Sun-Times, as in his very non-satirical, real life employer/boss.

Yes-Cowley, as in…Joe Cowley, as in his very non-satirical, real life Name.

Here’s the thing, I would say that there is a “thin line” between Cowley the Twitter Character and Cowley the Professional Columnist, but such a  distinction would be too generous. Cowley, in the myopic interest of attention,  and at the risk of harming the reputation of his employer, deliberately took an eraser to that line, and yet predictably, when circumstance demanded -as it does now-attempted to hastily retrace it.

So, Is Joe Cowley a sexist?

Frankly, I don’t know- but I don’t think so.

 But we surely know @cst_cowley is.

What I also know is that Twitter is not a playground for Professionals to indulge in childish fantasy,  it is not the place for an adult, for a father and husband, to-under the guise of satire- degrade people-male or female-who aren’t privy to the supposed bit.

As of  Sunday night, @cst_cowley the Twitter Account,  the villainousis alter ego of Joe Cowley,  is no more.

Is Chicago Sun-Times Cowley next?

Hey, who can tell the difference between the two anyway?

Be Good Friends,


 {{NOTE- In December '11-I wrote a piece titled "Joe Cowley has become the new Jay Mariotti". Basically, I called Joe out on some things-but also gave some background regarding his career, family, battle w/cancer etc.  It should be noted that Joe not only maturely, and frankly unnecessarily acknowledged the piece, but was complimentary of it. That said, I'll repeat now what I said then--it's a shame Joe has diluted his talent-and undeniably admirable story, with avoidable, childish displays of ingnorance.}}

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