Trayvon Martin: Tall, Black and suspended from school-AKA grounds for 'justifiable homicide'

Yesterday, a fellow ChicagoNow Blogger left this comment on a post written by Shantell Jamison, entitled :  Trayvon Martin Case: "Why it Has EVERYTHING To Do With Race":

The problem is that too many African Americans are seeing this as a "racist" issue even though NO ONE knows that facts in this case. Race pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have winged their way down their to stir hate like they always do and criminals like the Black Panthers are trying to start a race war over the issue.... but none of that is talked about by African Americans.
The facts seem to point toa fight having happened between the over 6-foot tal kid and the Hispanic guy the race pimps want murdered in revenge.
This Trayvon kid also had all sort of tweets where he used the "n" word, denigrated women, and called himself a thug. He was also kicked out of school for drugs.
The kid was no innocent.
Yet, none of these facts that show that Trayvon might have been a trouble maker and thug are being talked about by all these "outraged" African Americans.
Was the Hispanic guy that shot Trayvon justified? I have no idea. Maybe, maybe not. The cops sur thought so at the start, anyway, which is why he wasn't arrested.
I don't know enough about the facts to assign blame. But the race pimps sure have merely by the fact that a black person is dead. That is not enough for any sane person to assign guilt, but race pimps don't need truth and logic. They need hate stirred, not dispassionate truth.
Sadly, the writer of this blog is signing on with the race pimps to stir hate and fear.


Pardon my language here, but you have got to be fucking kidding me.

Please allow me to frame this post as not only a response to this particular commentator, but to all those who share his wholly, and woefully ignorant views.

To start, let me just be unequivocally clear, you and your racially charged, insensitive, narrow-minded, desperately irrelevant and conspicuously condescending arguments are, to put it kindly, pathetic. Who are you exactly, to tell African-Americans how to see this, or any other issue for that matter? You of course are not Black yourself....but do you maybe have an African American child- one who must contend with racial profiling...with being constantly under suspicion...with being 'charged' before a crime is even discovered....other than of course, their skin color? No...of course you don't.  Rather, your experience with such injustices is limited to telling those who must endure them, to not speak of them, to pretend they do not exist.

Now-for the record

1.Trayvon was suspended from school for tardiness, absences, and a bag with “pot residue”.
2.. Nothing in point #2 equates to being a “trouble maker”, nor-and here’s a big point- WARRANTS BEING SHOT AND KILLED.
3. I’m surprised to see you suddenly concerned with commentary which denigrates women? Funny, you seem quite fine doing it on your blog, and defending grown adults/political parties who proudly engage in such denigrating behavior.
4. Within a segment of Black Culture-say youth/urban, the “n word” is part of their vernacular, it’s almost a term of endearment. If you have a problem with that-you can file that under the “too bad” category.
5. You have the gall to mention his height? Funny how you fail to mention Zimmerman's 50 pound weight advantage..oh and his Violent Background. (neither of course fit the narrative you're pushing)


You want facts…here are some facts:

A 17 year-old-boy who should be alive is dead…GONE. A son, a brother, a young man, with-despite inevitable impediments such as you and your kind to come-a life of possibility ahead of him.

As if that isn’t tragedy enough, Trayvon is yet again falling victim to wrongful persecution, by you sir, and other like-minded, sadly misguided, heart shackled blemishes on our society.

And make no mistake, this is unquestionably about race. Denouncing Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson, or other “race pimps” as you so eloquently put it, does not change or mitigate that fact.

I must ask, why didn’t you, or Newt Gingrich, or Rick Santorum, or any of the other 3 cans short of a 6 pack of "Decency" crowd, object to the President alluding to his daughters, when eulogizing 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green? I must of missed it when the Right said :

"Is the President suggesting had Christina been a boy it would have been less of a tragedy".

In addition to the facts, you sir, coincidentally prove this is in fact about race. Are we to believe that if a white youth, walking with candy, was MURDERED by a Black Adult, you would be focused on the irrelevant adolescent transgressions of the deceased? That you-would be as deafening with your “wait for all the facts” non-sense?

It is of course not “all the facts” you crave, but rather anything, something, to diminish the tragic facts we already know. You want “Trayvon” to be “worthy” of that bullet, to play the part of “bad guy” in your script entitled “Patriot Practices Second Amendment, Saves the Day!”.

You want him to fit the stereotype your myopically challenged mind has endorsed.

He doesn’t. He didn’t…and he didn’t deserve to die.

Just as short dresses…or skirts, are not an invitation to rape, black skin and hoodies are not an invitation to shoot.

Oh, and neither is being suspended from school…or being “over 6 feet tall”.

To close, I’m impressed with whatever deceitful mirror it is, that allows you to look at yourself without feeling an enormously warranted sense of shame.

Be Good Friends,



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  • People like Warner need to understand that people are profiled most likely by race. I am 33 year old man and it still happens to me. Like Martin, I was followed because I was not familiar to a person who operated under the guise of law enforcement. Warner conveniently or not(you have to ask him) left out that Zimmerman has a criminal background( domestic violence, punching a cop). If we use the premise Warner used that say this kid was a "thug"we can come to a similar conclusion based on police records at the very least Zimmerman is a hot head.

  • I was shocked and appalled when I began reading this article not because of the content but because of the horrific rape and molestation of the English language...and I was mote appalled because I, for a couple seconds, thought it was you. No one that bastardizes words in that way should be able to write anything, especially a well-known blog. But as always....well done, couldn't of said it better myself

  • Well said Offhanded Dribble.

  • @koolking83. Let me say this I am a black man, my son is named after a civil rights leader and I have taught at a 99.99% black school now for well over a decade and I will tell you that when you get suspended 3 times in this liberal school system that repeatedly tries to give these kids chance after chance, you are a screw up. He is a self admitted thug and shauld have had his a.. in school. His past is definitely fair game because it goes to wether what Zimmerman is saying is believable. If Travon was an honor student on a field trip studying wildlife and had a 5.7 GPA then I would be more inclined to disbelieve Zimmerman. I tell these black boys who are constantly in trouble at school that their action will folow them. That when they die people will say what kind of person were you. It does matter, Trayvon life should be a cautionary tale to stop f****g up in school and do your work and stop acting like a sereotype. Furthermore, I am not from Chicago, I am in Florida and I understand there were 24 murders in march just in Chicago. That to me is more of a pressing problem. I'm a black man and the cops have been extremely nice to me my whole life. I would live next to one in a heartbeat a white or black one. You get what you look for when you have a chip on your shoulder that white people are the evil enemy. These kids are always bringing up race at this school, calling teachers cracker and being rude and fighting and cursing each other. I talk to other teachers and they corroborate that the black kids are much worse at their school. These black urban kids are not angels and are not bad because they are poor many are poor because their families have a dysfunctional ideology of the world, one in which they blame slavery for their problems and thinks the world owes them. The world don't owe you shit , you owe the world for bringing your sorry a** iit.

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    Chessmack: I completely agree. Having a bag with weed residue means one of two things: You have smoked it, sold it, mysteriously lost it, or you were framed. I doubt it was the last two, but hell Trayvon sounds like a standup guy! Everything in life is not about race.

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    I don't think that it matters what Trayvon did that night... worst case scenario against Trayvon would look something like this: Zimmerman follows Trayvon, Trayvon get's pissed and turns around to confront, or better yet, Trayvon ambushes Zimmerman as Zimmerman is going back to his truck. Zimmerman gets busted up, pulls the gun and shoots Trayvon. Who cares? Zimmerman had a gun, a concealed weapons permit and was a member of the neighborhood watch, a 17 year old kid get's the jump on you? And you shoot him... 2nd Degree Murder, yeah- Throw in 1st degree "being a fucking idiot with a gun" If you carry a gun I think you have the moral, ethical and legal obligation to not be a fucking idiot.

  • Actually he was suspended numerous times. ONE time being for tardiness and truancy. Another time he was suspended for drugs. Yet another he was suspended, this according to school officials, for being caught on camera vandalizing a locker(writing W.T.F.) on them in permanent marker. After reviewing the tape and concluding that it was indeed Martin that was the offender, the school resource officer searched his bookbag to find the marker and found, guess what?! 12 pieces of women's jewelry and a men's watch and a screwdriver. Why does a kid have 12 pieces of women's jewelry in his backpack? Why isn't that watch on his wrist if it's his? Why does he have a screwdriver? For any loose hinges he might run into? Like the original article says I don't know if he should be dead or not, I wasn't there. However, people like you trying to make him into some kind of saint really irritates me. The kid was obviously on the wrong path and judging by his tweets fancied himself some kind of gangster. Personally, I couldn't care less if he's dead or alive. Hundreds of people die in this country every day, why is this thieving kid more important than LEGITIMATELY good people?

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