When it comes to sex, we're collectively psychotic

Let me start by saying I appreciate you taking time away from fantasizing about your coworker, or surfing pornographic websites to read this.

Oh sorry, you don’t do either of those-that’s other people.

It’s always other people right?

Other people who cheat, other people with suppressed sexuality, other people engaging in ’deviant’ behavior, other people… “sinning“ .

Not you, not your significant other….

And certainly not Newt Gingrich version 1998.

And since it’s not us…we throw stones, albeit selectively.

Bill Clinton’s cheating was a known issue during the ‘91 campaign, and remained one during his time in the oval office- but we liked and supported him nevertheless, after all he played the saxophone.

Former Presidential Candidate John Edwards is currently as popular as Child Trafficking, because of there’s one form of cheating which is universally reviled, it’s cheating on a dying spouse as you run for President.

When every woman who had ever came in contact with Herman Cain was accusing him of sexual harassment, over 60% of Republican Voters reported being essentially indifferent towards the allegations-that is unless they found the time to criticize the ‘fame/money seeking’ women.

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who apparently didn’t get/read the memo “Harass/Sleep with Women =OK, Send Women Pictures=Bad” didn‘t get such a pass.

And then there’s Newt.

Remember how I said 1998 Newt Gingrich wasn’t part of that “others” group…that group of cheaters? I mean, how could he be….after all, he was leading the conservative cavalry against then President Clinton for his ‘impeachable indiscretions’.

Only…that‘s exactly what he was, a shamelessly sanctimonious and hypocritical cheater, simultaneously chastising other members of the group in which his membership was a secret.

And now-years later, he’s running for President of the United States, and not only do people on the Right seem indifferent towards his blatant hypocrisy and unchristian like transgressions, they applaud his incredulous and abrasive attitude towards media inquiries regarding the matter.

And mind you-Mr. Hat Trick of Marriages Gingrich, like many hypocrites on the Right, is a vocal proponent of the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)-AKA “The Gays would destroy the ’sanctity of marriage’ law”

Which brings to mind ‘homophobe‘ and Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum, who is sure of one thing regarding Sex-God intended it to be solely for reproductive purposes--that means one man, one woman, no birth control, and hopefully-from his perspective, no pleasure. And many in the GOP applaud this insane, unrealistic fundamentalist view, and do so undoubtedly hypocritically.

Meanwhile, on ‘Main Street’ in the year 2012, 40% of marriages end in divorce, 20% of married people cheat, gay teens are being bullied to death, and women who dare to be overtly sexual continue to ‘earn’ a variety of flattering titles, such as ‘slut’ or ‘whore’, while their male counterparts who are often themselves the aforementioned bullies/title appointers, are socially rewarded for their sexual conquests.

Simply, as a Country and a Society, our collective approach to Sex is consistently inconsistent,  it’s hypocritical, it’s predicated on antiquated beliefs and faulty logic, we chastise others as we either deny or rationalize our own realities, it’s psychotic.

We throw stones-even as skeletons lie handcuffed in the closets of our glass houses. We project such skeletons onto others, we preach on what marriage, on what love, on what sex should be all about, and yet routinely violate our own espoused ideals.

How’s this for our National Motto regarding sex:

“Do as we say, not as we do…oh, and we have no fucking idea what we’re doing or what we’re talking about”

Be Good Friends,


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