Raping kids in showers at PSU is one thing, but hiring an "outsider" as Head Football Coach? Appalling

So, rumor is New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien will be named Penn State’s new head football coach.

An outsider, with no ties to the University, with no ties to 46 year Head Coach Joe Paterno.

First, in the renowned TicketCity Bowl, the Nitanny Lions, most certainly distracted by all this recent unwarranted media scrutiny, allow 532 Passing Yards en route to a 30-14 loss to Houston.

And now comes this absolutely sickening, unimaginable news.

Well I for one am outraged.

And I certainly am not alone.

Former Penn State and all time NFL Great, (23.5 career sacks), not to mention  judge on the acclaimed ESPN Series “Dream Job”,  LaVar Arrington, says that in wake of this indescribably appalling football related news- he is now officially done with his alma mater.

“I will put my Butkus (Award) in storage. I will put my Alamo Bowl MVP trophy in storage," Arrington said. "Jerseys, anything Penn State, in storage. Wherever Tom Bradley goes, that's the school I will start to put memorabilia up in my home. I'm done. I'm done with Penn State. If they're done with us, I'm done with them."

Amen LaVar...Amen.

But LaVar isn’t the only notable Penn State Alum to immediately express their warranted disgust at such a revolting “outside the family” Coaching change-

Said former All-American linebacker Brandon Short

"I don't want to be affiliated with the university if they don't choose a Penn State guy because of our standards, our graduation, all the things that have been important... it's no longer Penn State, so we might as well be in the SEC. They are intent on turning it into a booster culture. Ira Lubert went out and purchased a national title with wrestling and he's under the illusion that he can do that in football. Well, ask (Redskins owner) Dan Snyder about that."

Bingo Brandon!

A shocked and dismayed D.J. Dozier, (a 1986 All-American mind you), had this to say:

"It's my belief that the current coaching staff has done a pretty good job over the last few years," Dozier said. "So, that means that this group of coaches has done the job. This has been their job to get done. So, why are we even considering someone else? It's politics, it's fall out, it's everything that has nothing to do with a program and continuing to build a solid program.”

Simply, Penn State is no longer THE Penn State…Joe Paterno’s Penn State, with Bill O’Brien, an outsider, with no ties to the University or Child Rape, at the helm.

It’s comforting to know that others-good people-share my desire to have a coach who has been there with JoPa, not just through the sunshine and rainbow, shut down D, no grade school kids being raped, powerhouse recruiting class times, but moreover through the tough times, the disappointing recruits, the transfers, the injuries, the shower rapes of innocent children, uniform changes, the whole nine yards as they say.

What does Mr. Bill O’Brien know about any of that? Huh?

You in the media…in the public want a real scandal? Well here it is-you finally got it.

I’m gonna be sick.

By the way-the 10 “or so” boys who were sexually abused…raped, and forever emotionally scarred by Jerry Sandusky during Joe Paterno’s ‘historic’ reign at Penn State, yea-them, they weren’t available for comment regarding this coaching change.

Coincidentally neither were their families, or loved ones.

Apparently they save their outrage for other-“more important” things.

Be Good Friends,


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