GOP's Obama versus Reality's Obama

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  • Great post!

    Don't forget the "Government regulations are holding back the job creators", "Obama's democrats had the majority in both houses and did not get anything accomplished" lies that are constantly repeated.

  • In reply to brokemf:

    Thank you much friend :) .

    It's amazing that despite these draconian/encumbering regulations, Corporate profits have never been higher....ever.

    With respect to the majority argument-it's simply maddening. Let's just ignore the fact that Dems had a filibuster proof majority for only (roughly)14 weeks-not much time in terms of getting significant legislation passed. The bigger lie is this idea that "nothing got accomplished".

    If, in spite of unprecedented obstruction, saving our Country from falling off an economic cliff ...or Passing Historic Health Care..or Wall Street Reform (yes-both of which, in the opinion of many, didn't go far enough)..or repealing DADT, if none of those are accomplishments...then yes, President Obama and the Dems squandered there majorities.

  • Add the " Obama is for illegal immigrants" to the Republican mantra. (even though Obama has DEPORTED more illegal immigrants than any other president)

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