PSA: If you see or know of a child being sexually abused.... do something

Allow me to provide an apparently much needed public service announcement:

If you see a child being sexually abused, say something…

Do something.

One would think such…guidance, is unnecessary, that the existence of an individual and collective responsibility to protect, and defend helpless children, is known not just to the morally superior among us, but to anyone and everyone north of complete moral bankruptcy. would think this goes without saying.

This is not an issue which lends itself to debate; it’s devoid of a “gray area”; this is not a question of inkblot morality; this is an example of a collective, inflexible, invariable,  moral, and absolute certitude.

Sexually abusing a child is wrong, and there has never  once been an instance where it has not been. Furthermore, adults who are complicit in, or serve as an enabler to, the sexual abuse of a child, forfeit their right to excuses, to “explanations“; the blood on their hands cannot be washed away by apologies or regrets.

Again, one would think this goes without saying.

The who, (in terms of the abuser) the where, the why, these things should never deter one from acting , nor should they be the grounds for inexcusable silence.

The who, be it a sports coach, or a priest, or a “loved” one; the where, be it a locker room or a bedroom; the why, which never could have an acceptable answer-all of these variables are never as important as, nor ever could dilute, the what: a helpless and defenseless child is being sexually abused.

Don’t assume someone else will do something.

Don’t pray for God to do something.

Don’t wait for the abuser to “get help”.

You do something. You help.

One would think this goes without saying....but then again

Silence breeds victims.

Be Good Friends,









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  • The allegations that have come out of Penn State and Syracuse are awful, disturbing, infuriating, horrendous, and just about everything else my Word Thesaurus can come up with. Unfortunately, these events are not all that different (for the most part) from what happens all to often in schools, sports, and at home. Someone who is sick and disturbed takes advantage of a child who is often vulnerable. What makes these stories unusual is that people- otherwise good people who are not sick or disturbed, have some sort of moral conscious and know right from wrong, allowed it to happen. These people failed to help a child when that child needed them the most. By no means am I excusing what these awful men did. You would just think, hope that someone would've done something to stop it. Just awful. Disturbing. Exasperating.

  • In reply to TonyGray:

    +1 my really sum up the issue perfectly. It's not as though we are exonerating the guilty party-or excusing their unspeakable...unconscionable behavior; but clearly they are "sick" in the head...clearly they are wired..or were "nurtured" abnormally.. . (abnormal seems too simple of a word). The fact that they are often...basically aided and abetted by, as you correctly put it "otherwise good people who are not sick or disturbed, have some sort of moral conscious and know right from wrong", is just incomprehensible...just as much as the crime itself.

    Hippie Ryan

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