Penn State became a Cult, and too many drank the Kool-Aid

Penn State became a Cult, and too many drank the Kool-Aid

There is no gray area when it comes to molesting a child, there are no circumstances which dilute its evil.

We know that, because we’re not in a cult.

Although a different shade of wrong, there is also no justification for defrauding people of their money, for using the weapon of deception to rob people.

We know that, because we’re not in a cult.

We, society at large, recognize "wrong"; whether it’s sexually abusing children, or 21st century "armed" robbery, or a group of individuals, whether cops or gang members, beating on a lone helpless victim, we can identify "wrong" when we see it.

Because we are not members of a cult.

The norms, and rules of cults, differ from those of "normal" society. Cults have different interpretations of "right and wrong", and cult members are brainwashed…are conditioned, into subscribing to these abnormal and often harmful beliefs. Cults often suffer from a collective hubris if you will, which renders its members blind to the insanity, oblivious, or even worse-apathetic towards the damage their deviant behavior is causing.

Sometimes cults are easy to spot, there is uniformity in terms of dress and behavior, there is a central location, and of course, there is almost invariably a charismatic leader and/or  object of worship.

Other times, they fly under the radar, often benefiting from a credible and revered title-such as,



Football Program





Sometimes, the charismatic cult leader is widely respected; say a Football Coach, or a CEO…or a Priest. Sometimes the "object of worship" is inherently innocuous, say a win/loss record, or money.

And in such instances, good people often unknowingly "drink the Kool-Aid"; they, by way of membership, take harmful vows of silence, surrender their moral compasses, and pledge allegiance to the welfare of the Cult.

They learn to "look the other way", they become skilled at rationalizing, at making excuses, and they inadvertently serve as enablers.

And so do we, we, the non-cult members of society, serve as enablers.

When we fail to expose cults, we enable them, when we worship and idolize the products of their deviance, we enable them, when we make excuses for the inexcusable, or rationalize the irrational, we enable them.

Too many at Penn State University, whether school officials, coaches, students, alumni, or simply football fans, have drank the Kool-Aid.

We must avoid doing the same.

Whether it's Penn State, or "an organization of God", or a big corporation, or some other thinly veiled "main stream" cult, we must never serve as enablers.

We must never drink the Kool-Aid.

Be Good Friends,



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  • Well-written, but it's not the entire university that's a cult--just the gargantuan, out-of-control football program. Unfortunately, people from the university janitors up to the university president, not to mention the local police force AND the county district attorney, ALL got sucked into the football cult and drank the King Football Kool-Aid.

    I hold a degree from Penn State, and I grew up 10 miles from Beaver Stadium, so I've experienced "the cult" firsthand. I know from experience that It's really true--Joe Paterno was revered nearly as a god.

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