9 things we're NOT thankful for

The Casey Anthony Jury 

THE CASEY ANTHONY JURY: Not sufficient evidence huh? Oh it was all circumstantial…gotcha. I’ll admit, a child being dumped in the woods with duct tape wrapped around its skull/mouth just screams “accidental drowning”.  Plus, you can’t expect every parent to report such an accidental drowning right away…it takes time to wrap duct tape around a skull and to dispose of a body…not to mention  get a tattoo, shop at target, participate in a “hot body contest”, etc.  That said, I hope Casey Anthony enjoys her Thanksgiving, and by enjoys,  I mean chokes on something and dies.

Nancy Grace discussing Casey Anthony...or anything else for that matter

NANCY GRACE DISCUSSING CASEY ANTHONY OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER: Look I know her heart is in the right place….but must she be so sensibly offensive? So abrasive? I mean look Nancy, the expert you’re interviewing….he didn’t kidnap the  child, no need to interrupt, or shout at him…or bite him with your poisonous fangs.  

"PISS ON DECALS" : Wasn't cool in the 90's...isn't cool now. Stop. Just stop it.

Jerry Sandusky and his enablers

JERRY SANDUSKY AND HIS ENABLERS: No kidding around..no hyperbole.  For years, countless boys…victims of Sandusky,  sat down for Thanksgiving dinner in unimaginable agony…they were insecure, scared, embarrassed. Today, those boys are men, with families, and again they will sit down for Thanksgiving dinner, now scarred, forever traumatized, by this sick individual. Their suffering, their inner-turmoil, their pain, is of a kind few can even fathom.  Our collective heart goes out to them all.

Selective Outrage/Hypocrisy

SELECTIVE OUTRAGE/HYPOCRISY: Speaking of Sandusky, isn’t a bit ironic that at the same time people were  fervently condemning Sandusky and company (rightfully so of course), they were also demanding justice for Michael Jackson? You think anyone would care if Sandusky’s Doc gave him a powerful anesthetic that killed him? Or shot him in the skull for that matter? But then again, Sandusky didn’t sing Man in the Mirror.

Today's Music

TODAY'S MUSIC: All I'll say is this- If that Maroon 5 song mentioning him wasn't painful/vomit worthy enough...Mick Jagger is now doing a song with Jennifer Lopez and Will i.am. Yes, you read that correctly. 

The NBA Lockout

NBA LOCKOUT: Look, besides the fact that we’re all missing out on NBA basketball…let’s consider this: Sure Players are missing out on their biweekly $400,000.00 paychecks; but vendors, arena staff, concession operators, security guards…and other blue-collar workers who depend on the NBA for their living-they’re losing out on money that they use for food…for rent…for bills…like electricity.  Probably makes it a little harder to have a “Happy Thanksgiving” or a “Merry Christmas” huh?

The E! Channel

THE E! CHANNEL : All you need to know is what is on tonight:

Tonight at 7 "Kourtney and Kim Take New York" -New York beckons once again as the Kardashians return for another bite of the Big Apple. This is followed by Ryan Seacrest bringing you the latest and hottest celebrity news and gossip!

The Republican Party

 I am thankful for: The progress we as a Country have made; for the freedoms we enjoy, for the level of equality we have reached. For the “safety nets” we have in place, for the assistance we give EACHOTHER, that we give to our elderly, to our college students, to our poor, to our sick. I am thankful for our Veterans, for our Cops, for our firefighters, for our first responders. I am thankful for the strength, and perseverance all those who are unemployed have shown, and of course for the unemployment assistance they rightfully receive.  I am thankful for common sense regulations, for unions, for clean air, for public schools, for the mail, for safe roads and for public transportation. I am thankful for diplomacy, for decisions based on facts and reality. 
Again, I am thankful for the progress we as a Country have made, and for the people, and for the ideology, and for the political party, which have made it possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Be Good Friends,










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