Well Chicago baseball fan, let's look on the bright side...(e.g. You're not dead)

Whether you’re a Sox or Cubs fan, this baseball season has been nothing short of insufferable. But hey if you’re reading this, you at least own or have access to a computer….with internet access no less! My guess is that if you have that luxury, you probably have running water too. Imagine having to endure the 2011 baseball season without a computer or water.

Sure Mike Quade shouldn’t be managing a Little League World Series Contender, let alone a Major League Franchise, but I’m guessing you haven’t been mauled by a chimp…or bear during the Quade tenure, and hey that’s good.

Trust me, I’ve also had it with the childish and perpetual bickering between Kenny and Ozzie, and am resigned to the fact that one of the two likely needs to go. That said, I also recognize that it hasn’t caused me to spontaneously combust-and that’s certainly a plus. (because I’m guessing that if I were in flames it would be even harder to tolerate their tumultuous and needlessly dramatic relationship).

Inexplicably bursting into flames would be bad


Carlos Zambrano suffers from Paraphilic infantilism  and Jake Peavy suffers from a condition known as “being bad”. Our frustration regarding the two is compounded by their salaries. On the bright side, if you are already aware of the aforementioned, that means you have the ability to see or hear (probably both), as well the cognitive functionality to retain such information. You probably own a television as well. Sure the overt/expensive symptomatology of being an adult baby or “being bad”  can be maddening to see…. but being able to see is pretty nice-in HD no less.

We know Adam Dunn has been historicaly bad. But hey, you just read that sentence pretty well. You probably even noticed that the word historically was spelled incorrectly. Being able to read and spell makes life easier-so nice job.

And hey Sox fan…at least you’re not a Cubs fan. And Cubs fan, at least you’re not a Cleveland anything fan.

And best of all, to both Cubs and Sox fans, at least it’s all almost over.

Be Good Friends,


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