Remembering the Victims of 9/11-and Fighting for an America they would be Proud Of

"We Will Never Forget"

As we collectively mark the ten year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, be it through personal reflections, or elaborate ceremonies,   I ask-Have We Forgotten?

We could never forget the eternally haunting, surreal moment those planes crashed into the World Trade Center.

We could never forget the shocking moment in which the Towers were no more.

We are forever inspired by the incredible courage of those passengers on Flight 93.

We remember the final destination of Flight 77, and those lives which were lost at the Pentagon.

2,996 people died on that day, including the 19 brainwashed hijackers.

Nearly 6,000 American Soldiers have died in the subsequent "War on Terror"

Abstract in a way. But these were parents, sons and daughters, lights in people’s lives, someone’s "everything".

We remember 9/11, we remember the nearly 9,000 Americans who have died, either directly or indirectly because of the actions of that day.

We remember through memorials, through candle light vigils, through ribbons and car magnets, through TV Specials and Books and Movies.

Is that enough?

We say-these 9,000 Americans did not die in vain. We claim our solders are fighting to protect "our values" abroad.

What are those values? Have we forgotten? Or have they simply changed?

What America are we protecting from terrorists? One in which 45 million Americans struggle to eat on a daily basis? One in which nearly 14 million Americans are without work? One in which the income disparity between "the haves and the have-nots" is at its worst since the Great Depression? One in which the Average CEO makes 185 times more than the Average worker? One in which as Unemployment has gone up 102%, Wall Street Profits have risen 720%?

How about one in which we ask less than 1% of Americans to sacrifice their lives-for all of us- to protect these "values"?

Let us never forget the America we want. Let us never get so cynical, so apathetic, so disillusioned, that we forget the ideal of America. An America that works not only for the few and the privileged, but for all of its hard working citizens. An America where homes on Main Street are not foreclosed, as pockets on Wall Street are padded. An America where trivial, superficial differences are not allowed to impede our collective spirit, our fight for the collective good.

An America which is truly ran by a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

An America which can look itself in the mirror.

An America which is worth protecting, an America which is worth fighting for.

Flag pins and car magnets aren’t enough.

We Remember 9-11

We Honor the Victims, We Honor Our Fallen Soldiers-

By Fighting for an America they would be proud of.

Be Good Friends,



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  • You are kidding, right? To "remember" being attacked by Islamofascists YOUR focus is to regurgitate ages old socialist talking points? And THAT is "America"?

  • WTH-
    Given the subject matter, I purposely omitted any mention of political party, or individual policy makers, or governing philosophy, etc. The America I describe-(rather generally) for the purpose of this article, can be seen simply seen as an ideal end that I think few would be opposed to. The means to that end can be debated another time.

    More importantly, I thank you for finally feeling inclined to comment on one of my socialist talking point articles! Your opinions/pov/feelings are always welcome here as part of a fair/open/cordial debate.


  • I see nothing "American" about the sort of class warfare that you revel in. I could not care less what CEOs make as long as the company is safe, profitable, and obeys laws.

    There is nothing American about trying to destroy "the evil rich."

    I am sorry, but your "ideal America" is an America that never was, was never meant to be, and one that obviates all American principles.

    It is a Euro-socialist version of America that few Americans want.

    Further, I find it insulting that you attach your ages-old socialist talking points to memories of 9/11. I find it very, very inappropriate.

    And, I also don't see how I was being less than "fair/open/cordial."

  • I suppose "safe" is a relative term.


    1.I never called the rich evil-and I don't suggest such an evil is inherent to wealth or success. But are we to blindly believe that wealth/success is wholly predicated on ability, hardwork/determination, etc?
    2. I respect American Principles which are worthy of respect.
    3. When the wealth/power in our Country is so monopolized- is that in line w/unadulterated democracy? Particularly given the Citizens United decision?
    4. My purpose was not to engage in such a debate. My point was simply that we should honor those who were lost, and those who have sacrificed, by building an America which works....for if not all WTH, at least for more.

    I don't see what's wrong with that.

    Lastly-I wasn't being sarcastic with respect to the "fair/open/cordial" comment. (You weren't being anything less than that).

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