A Short Tangential Rant

 This being a human thing can be a bit maddening.

Ya know…if you’re driving and a fellow motorist generously allows you to enter their lane…or stops so that you can turn into their lane (basically makes any thoughtful concession for your benefit) and you don’t acknowledge it-be it by a wave (preferably while smiling) or head nod, well then you’re a terrible terrible person. Terrible person. Terrible.

Can this woman and her dreadfully insufferable T-Mobile commercials please go away.

You know what the world needs more of? Movies about robots fighting. No. It. Doesn’t.

You know what else needs to stop? People putting periods after each word in an ill-advised effort to be dramatic. It makes no sense, it’s grammatically incorrect, and it’s indescribably annoying.

Stop blaming the Bears loss to the Packers on a lack of rushing attempts. Here’s my analysis: The Packers are better….much better. Think of the word "better" in this context.. "It’s better to win $500, than to fall down a flight of stairs into a burning basement". That’s how much better.

During the game I texted @bdweav2 and said "It’s terrifying how much better Rodgers is than Cutler". His spot on reply: "In that sentence you can replace Rodgers with any Packers player and Cutler with any Bears player, (at the same position) and it’s sadly still true". Bingo.

Hey Alex Rios and Brent Morel, I feel like the whole "Oh the season starts in April, and the first 140 games really matter" perspective is overrated too.

So to the shock and dismay of many on the Right, Presidential Candidate Rick Perry proved unable to debate/speak/convey his thoughts in a logical and coherent fashion. In other shocking news, Law and Order will be on TV today.

So yea....46.2 million people are living in Poverty, but have you heard about these changes Facebook has made! I feel like no one is talking about it!

I'm gonna go throw up now.

Be Good Friends,




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  • Whats crazy is they got a yahoo news ticker running all the time now.

    Oh, and how many reality shows do we need? Multiple shows on hoarding? Fat people? Pawn shops? Why can't I turn on history channel and watch somethings about oh, I don't know, maybe history??? Not "American Pickers?"


  • I feel the need to defend "American Pickers" and "Pawn Stars" after your brutal attack on them Tony....I do agree with you that they are really exploiting this current fad with "Antiques Roadshow"-like shows, but the originals I am a fan of. Pawn Stars and American Pickers are interesting shows because they're entertaining, yet you still learn something from the show (via the objects people bring in and eventually sell for much less than their worth). I have to say that I was fed up with History Channel and much of A&E until they came out with these shows because there's only so much "Modern Marvels: The making of bread and everything about bread", Nostradamus shows, and Ancient Aliens that I can take. I think the reality shows we need to be pointing at is shit like Jersey Shore, Big Brother and the 2,325 dating reality shows that are currently on TV....because what can be learned from us watching people get drunk and fall down that we all didn't learn in college?

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