Petition the 112th United States Congress: Pass a Jobs Bill

Petition the 112th United States Congress: Pass a Jobs Bill

The official unemployment rate sits at 9.2 %. This is not because President Obama is a reckless spending socialist, or because of "Job Killing Obamacare". No, this is because the Republican Party is hell-bent on preventing President Obama from being reelected, because they are determined, no matter the human cost, no matter the treasonous means, to make the Obama Presidency a failure.

Where is your jobs bill Mr. Speaker? WHERE ARE THE JOBS? How about you the "Patriot" Freshmen members of Congress? We-the true Patriots, demand the Government take action, demand our infrastructure be improved and modernized, demand unemployment benefits be extended, demand our Veterans-who deserve more than we could ever give, are employed, are given the tools needed to succeed at home.

This shouldn't be about politics, about partisanship, about spending, or about deficits. People...AMERICANS...are suffering. Americans are going hungry, are going without health care, without peace of mind, without happiness, without HOPE. The Private Sector alone will not solve this problem. Compassion, altruism-they don't make appearances in the budgets of most corporations. They sadly are content with not simply getting by with less, but with making more with less. In other words, they have no incentive to hire.

No, the Government must take action, and we demand it.

President Obama has asked Congress to act.

America is demanding Congress act.

I hope we're asking this for the last time

Where are the Jobs?


Be Good Friends,


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  • Thanks for the rant, but you give no indication was a jobs bill should contain. It is fine to say "jobs bill." I think I'll petition Congress for a "motherhood and apple pie" bill.

    All the stimulus bills did was create jobs in the asphalt industry, and apparently gave GE enough alternative energy credits that it didn't have to pay taxes--a very unexpected result to the Democrats who passed that.

    The problem is that private companies are not hiring. See, for instance, this article. What is your "jobs bill" going to do to cure that problem?

    Anyway, after passing the debt compromise, Congress recessed for Labor Day for a month, so nothing urgent is going to happen.

    However, I guess you should thank Chicago Now for letting you post something of no thought or effect.

  • In reply to jack:

    1. Stimulus bill was not big enough.

    2. Maintaining a deficit of this level long term is a economic liability-but in the short term Keynesian economics-not austerity, is the answer.

    3. You are 100% right about private companies-while in terms of quantity their human capital investments are down, the quality and desperation if you will of their human capital has drove profits to record levels. That and of course hiring/relocating overseas. So in other words-they have no reason to hire because as I said, patriotism/altruism/compassion are not in the budget.

    4. I mentioned infrastructure investments-this is important not only for the creation of millions of jobs, but for the practical/common sense modernization of our Country.

    5. How did you bold part of your comment-I'm impressed?

  • Thanks for the prompt reply.

    5. First. You have to know HTML, including <b> tags. In fact, I'm surprised that you didn't ask how I did the link, since at least the comments editor doesn't have a link button.

    3. One can decry that private companies are not investing in human capital, but you haven't said how the government can encourage them to do so and hire people. As the State of Illinois proves, the public sector can't support itself while driving private jobs out of the state--see the article in today's Tribune about 1100 jobs lost by the end of the year. The WARN Act requires 60 days notice of mass layoffs, but that was so the state could implement programs to assist the displaced in finding new jobs. Here, though, it is just 60 days advance notice that the unemployment rate is going up.

    1, 2, and 4 are a matter of debate. Maybe we would have gone over the cliff without the stimulus, but the unemployment rate is still stuck at over 9%. I doubt that I created any additional jobs when, after ordering new window shades, the manufacturer sent me a notice that I was entitled to a 15% tax credit. While I agree that the federal government can print money to paper over the deficit, the current battle in Congress indicates that there are limits on its willingness to do so. While I agree that infrastructure is needed (and not just paying for asphalt with a 2 year useful life), the answer to that is passing rational FAA and Transportation Equity bills, which Congress appears unwilling to do. The FAA may not now be collecting airport fees, but we are still paying gas tax. Of course, there must also be some control to make sure the money is not wasted, like the CTA always having an $8 billion unmet capital need, but blowing $300 million on Block 37, $51 million on defective buses, redoing repairs on the south Red Line, etc.

    Not to mention that a rational flat tax system might encourage private sector economic growth and jobs.

  • 1. Hi Steve




    5. Damn, writing lists are hard. I could never work for the guys at Lists That Actually Matter.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Genius. You never disappoint. Have you started the blog yet?

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Soon. As in right now. This moment.

    It's called Chicago Chivalry.

  • You still didn't exactly indicate what the jobs bill is supposed to look like. Also, what happened to all the infrastructure investment that we were promised under the stimulus package? I think all those dollars turned into transfer payments. Maybe a sliver got put into infrastructure.

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