"Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely"

"Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education".

Franklin D. Roosevelt

 An idea which seems so basic, so simple to comprehend in terms of its importance, and yet Americans fail to meet this fundamental ideal. When in the voting booth-that is if they make it there, American’s rely largely on emotion as opposed to analysis, impulsivity rather than contemplation, myopic petulance rather than reason and broad perspective. Only in this America, with these voters, can the following happen:

The Tea Party Comes to Prominence

In 2006, shortly after completing my undergraduate studies in Psychology, I was fortunate enough to land an interview at a reputable hospital. I don’t remember what I exactly said during my first interview, either with Human Resources or my eventual boss, but I do know what I didn’t say-such as:

"The field of psychiatry is useless-it contributes nothing to anybody and should in essence be abolished. Now, can I come work for you?"

Only in America can someone enthusiastically say "Government is the problem-and I will do everything I can to destroy it"….as they’re running to be a member of government…and win.

The 2010 Midterm Elections

In America, roughly 90% of dieting attempts fail. Why? Well, American’s tend to get short bursts of inspiration, suffer through intermittent bouts of motivation, we’re goal oriented, insofar that we feel the goal is realistically, and perceptibly in reach. In this age of instantaneous downloads, 4G networks, and "On-Demand" television, we demand results in short order, and we don’t take kindly to waiting.

In 2008, American’s voted for change, for the vision of Barack Obama. But like a dieter who has spent decades abusing their body, and yet expects the mirror to report results in a matter of months, Americans, frustrated by a perceived lack of expedited change, voted for the complete opposite in 2010-or even worse, didn’t vote at all.

Of course to the voter, the "peripherals", as they often become, didn’t matter. The "why" unfortunately, is never as important, or moreover as easy to decipher as the "what" and the "who".

In other words: Our weight and appearance didn’t change to our liking fast enough. Forget the fact that we’re eating cake and McDonalds, this exercising shit apparently isn’t working… so we’re done doing it.

Speaking of Cake-We Want it, But We Don’t Want to Pay For It or Vote For it

Public Education-Yep we want that. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security-yep we want all of those. Health Care-yep that’d be nice. Safe, modern infrastructure-of course we need that. Police, Firefighters, how could we survive without those? Mail-you better deliver our SSI checks!

So, being that (as polling shows) Americans would overwhelmingly sign off on the aforementioned "wish list"- they of course…..often counter-intuitively vote in an incongruent/paradoxical fashion.

In other words-we may not know how to spell socialism, we may not want to pay for socialism, we may not want to vote for socialism, we just WANT SOCIALISM.

Rick Perry Can Run For President, and be a Favorite

I mean…really? This is marrying O.J. Simpson. This is hiring Casey Anthony to babysit. This is thinking "Oh maybe this Final Destination movie will be different". If George Bush is Jason Vorhees Part II-IX, Rick Perry is Futuristic Uber Jason from Part X. Rick Perry is counting on Americans to once again suffer through a lapse of historical memory-and as a result, a lapse of judgment. (we’re not even talking distant/remote memory here, we’re talking you still wear clothes from this time period)

Normal Jason/George Bush
Uber/Steroid Using Jason/Rick Perry

We Deserve What We Get

As history proves, the voting booth can either serve as a positive agent of change, or as a detonator for us to collectively set off. It’s functionality however need not be left to chance.

As FDR alluded to, the health of our Country, and of our Democracy, is predicated on the reasoning of the voters. Do we continue to send mixed messages? Do we continue to vote based on the emotion of RIGHT NOW, rather than on the lessons of yesterday, and the hopes for tomorrow? Continuity of purpose and vision must be present, and that purpose and vision need be predicated on information.

Change and progress has it’s enemies-ignorance chief among them.

These enemies are fought in the voting booth… with information, with collective purpose.

Next battle 2012.

Let’s Win It.

Be Good Friends,



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  • First off, if you would've told me there'd be a Jason Vorhees mention in the beginning of this article, there's no way I would've believed you. So great job there. And great FD reference...great job making me laugh and keeping me informed

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