Start Getting Informed- President to Speak at 8 PM Central

At 8 PM Central, the President will address the Nation regarding the Republican created debt ceiling crisis, which to use an overused cliché, has reached the second half of the 11th hour. U.S. and World Markets have one foot off the cliff, and sadly one on a GOP placed banana peel. In other words, immediate action is needed.

I implore you, whether you are a political junkie, or one of those who finds all that happens in Washington to be either uninteresting, “more of the same”, or simply revolting, to watch the President’s speech.

This debate about the debt ceiling, which by the way has been raised 74 times since 1962 (including 7 times during the Bush Presidency), has many implications for all of us, for me, for you, for your loved ones. It has further illuminated the priorities of each of the two major parties in our Country, and hence has crystallized the importance of not only voting but of simply being informed.

If our Nation defaults on August 2nd, the ramifications will not be limited to Capitol Hill, or to Wall Street. Are you a Veteran? Do you care about our Veterans? Do you know someone who benefits from, who depends on Medicaid or Medicare? Does a loved one depend on Social Security to pay for housing, to eat…to live? Do you have student loans, credit cards or a mortgage? All three?

The interests of our Nation, and in particular, of 98% of Americans, are being held hostage by a party who will go to any lengths to ensure that their main two objectives are realized:

  • Augmenting the Wealth of the Wealthiest of Americans
  • Limiting President Obama to One Term

Are these your two main objectives?

The differences between the two Parties, between the two platforms, are not abstract. Frustration and talking points should not be the grounds for your vote, nor should irrational discriminatory beliefs-that includes votes based on race, on gender, on sexuality. One should not make a narrow minded interpretation of an ancient text, their basis for voting; the act of “clinging to your guns and bibles”, it will get you no where closer to the truth, to a job, to stability….to the right vote.

No, the right vote will come through information-from educating yourself, from learning how your interests will best be met in Washington.

The important question then becomes, what are your interests?

Food on the table?

Happiness and stability for you and your loved ones?

Health Care?

A college education for your children?

Padding the Pockets of Millionaires and Billionaires?

Making sure President Obama isn’t reelected?

My guess is that two of those probably don’t apply to you, that two of those aren’t filed under “top priorities” in your life.

So now that we’ve established that-which party is more in line with your interests? With your priorities?

Watch tonight’s speech.

Get Informed.

Vote Right (Or in other words-left)

Be Good Friends,


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