I hope Casey Anthony has a long and painful battle with Cancer, which culminates in an unrelated deadly explosion

This will be short and to the point.

Casey Anthony killed her two year old daughter.

In the days following what she claims was her daughter’s accidental drowning, Casey did what any grieving mother would do-and by grieving mother I mean any narcissistic, sociopath free of the unwanted burden that is a child-she partied, even entering a “Hot Body” contest.

But that’s ok-because supposedly Casey’s dad sexually abused her as a kid, and that’s why she reacted in the….unorthodox way she did. I mean that makes sense right?

No of course it fucking doesn’t. Every word, every defense, every claim made by Casey Anthony has been rooted in fantasy.  Casey Anthony is a pathological liar, who when she realized her creatively named and nonexistent Nanny-Zanny, couldn’t take the fall for her daughter’s murder, threw another lie dart which happened to hit her father.

The lies, the behavior, all so egregious, served as crystallization of her guilt-well except apparently to those 12 jurors.
Reasonable doubt? Our court system, and more specifically, our selected Juries, should not equate baseless reasons to doubt offered by a desperate defense, to sufficient grounds for reasonable doubt. Sure this case was based largely on circumstantial evidence-(which is not an inherently bad thing) but not all circumstantial evidence is created equal.

One Juror said “They (the State) couldn’t prove it was a homicide”?

Just curious-how many two year olds in the history of the world, have died with duct tape wrapped around their head/mouth-and it wasn’t a homicide?

This little girl was murdered by the person she trusted most in the world. Her fear, her pain, her confusion, as her mom perpetrated this heinous act, is unimaginable.

However, I can imagine what I would like to happen to Casey Anthony.

Here’s to hoping.

Be Good Friends,


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