A Tribute to Friday Night Lights

A Tribute to Friday Night Lights

Television is said to be diluted; devoid of the great sitcoms and dramas of the late 20th century.  In an era of TV where Kardashian shows are book-ended by Kardashian shows, and a lack of reality and substance seems to define what is offered on a nightly basis, there is one show that offered everything and more to its viewers - and you and I never watched it.    Viewership for Friday Night Lights was miniscule - moving networks, nights, and time slots FNL managed to survive five seasons on something the Kardashians don't need to worry about; Character depth.

Most of you have not seen Friday Night Lights, and probably fewer will read this post.   It is rare when I passionately recommend things to friends and family let alone use Offhanded Dribble for random musings besides Chicago sports.  Friday Night Lights is that exception.  Do yourself a favor and watch this show, from start to finish, and marvel at the plot lines relationships that you will fall in love with.   Football may be the motif; the constant throughout the show, however it becomes a side story to the events that captivate you along the way.

Quit simply, Friday Night Lights may be my favorite network drama of all time (ABC, NBC, CBS).  On Friday, July15th Friday Night Lights had it's NBC series finale after 76 episodes.  Not surprisingly, the finale wraps up the show perfectly.  Watch for Eric Taylor molding Matt Saracen into a young man and QB in the first few seasons.  Watch Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) balance family, work, and life as a Texas football wife beautifully.  For the love of god, watch for Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, and Aimee Teegarden.

Those of you with Netflix, the first 4 seasons in it's entirety are available for instant stream. You won't be disappointed.


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