A Letter to LeBron James

A Letter to LeBron James
Let me first apologize for this being a little late; see my miserable, monotonous  life demands I work for nine hours a day, you know, the type of life that forces one to regularly seek refuge in  diversionary outlets-say sports for example. Yep, admittedly, you could say my life is not quite befitting of a King. 
Anyway, let's just get right to the point LeBron- what in the hell were you doing? And no, I'm not referring to your  gaudy, personality embodying, "if you didn't like me before, wearing these won't help", over-sized, black  rimmed glasses. 
I'm not referring to you averaging a pedestrian 17.8 PPG in the Finals. I'm not referring to your incessant and incredibly off-putting petulance. (FYI -a missed shot doesn't always mean you were fouled).  I'm not even referring to you losing in the NBA Finals for the second time, yes you are now 2-8 in the biggest games your profession offers, and yes you don't have "bad teammates" to blame it on this time, but I digress, for that's not my issue with you. 
See, it's not that you failed.
It's that you didn't try.
You are the most talented basketball player in the World. 
You took those unprecedented talents to South Beach. In a surreal scene of pyrotechnics, bad music, and  unparalleled self-indulgence,  you all but promised, and in fact prematurely celebrated,  numerous was seven right?
Yet, when the time came to officially lay claim to the Championship, you were nowhere to be found.  In a mystery worthy of the late Robert Stack, the talents you took to South Beach inexplicably vanished.  
Uninterested, disengaged, uninspired-no, those would be too kind of words.
Scared. You were scared.
See, talking a big game is easy. So is being a bully, that is of course until you run into someone who isn't keen on being bullied. 
Unfortunately for you, the Dallas Mavericks were that someone. Like the Celtics did last year, they recognized the fa├žade that is your ego, that your resolve resides in a straw house.  
You didn't try. You were scared. In the biggest quarters, of the biggest games, you became allergic to the ball, apparently employing a simplistic and terribly misguided  philosophy, that "If I don't take the shots, then I don't miss the shots, which means it isn't my fault, which means I don't fail".
Which is fine- Except it was your fault. You did Fail.
See LeBron, one's innate talent is not by itself inherently memorable, it's fingerprints are not left on history unless history is grabbed. 
When commissioned to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo didn't say "I'm the best painter in the world-but I'm not risking screwing that up".
John Lennon and Paul McCartney didn't say to themselves "We sound pretty good, but we're too scared to take it beyond this garage".
And Michael Jordan-well I'll let him speak for himself:
"I know fear is an obstacle for some people, but it is an illusion to me . . . Failure always made me try harder next time. I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."
Well King, you failed. That alone is acceptable-if you tried.
You didn't.
I'll get back to addressing my "real life" problems now. For your sake, hopefully you start doing the same. 
Be Good Friends


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  • One word: Beautiful.

  • In reply to LandoBate:

    TY Grandpa.

  • In reply to LandoBate:

    that's the god damn shit right there.

  • In reply to LandoBate:

    I would've gone with something more "like hey lebron fuck off" for my letter but yours is pretty good too man keep it up :)

  • In reply to TonyGray:

    My first draft was entitled- "You and your fucking headband got what they deserved". Then I realized his headband didn't do anything wrong. Then I ate Subway. Ham-footlong, wheat bread. Stacy Long.

  • In reply to TonyGray:

    Thank ya Jesus !!!!!!

  • In reply to missbessie:

    I think LeBron actually thanked Jesus for losing...apparently it wasn't his time to win. It's nice of God to take time from his full plate of weather disasters, famine, war, etc. to stop LeBron from shooting in the 4th quarter.(as part of a long term effort to help him win "when the time is right")

    I wonder if Jesus is picking his pre and post game attire as well.

  • In reply to TonyGray:

    It's amazing how much people loathe LeBron now, at this very moment when he's being criticized by everyone under the Sun for not playing like God's gift to basketball. I hate to think what levels the hatred will reach if LeBron actually had a ring. You haters would lose your heads. Less LeBron hate, more intelligent NBA discussion, please.

  • In reply to AbstractAcademic:

    I don't see what I said that wasn't fair? I don't purport to know God personally, but I would say its fair to assume his gift to basketball would average more than 3 points in the 4th quarter. What intelligent NBA analysis are you looking for? Sometimes the eye test is quite sufficient-especially when backed up by indisputable facts-aka stats. Is there some grave dancing going on? Absolutely-but if you want to deny that he brought the lions share of this criticism on himself, both by his play and behavior-well then you're guilty of being just as irrational as you accuse us "haters" of being.

  • In reply to koolking83:

    Now when did I deny that some of the crap he received was because of his actions? I never once even insinuated that. However, for people to be so hung up on a guy who hasn't even won a title yet is beyond me. I get why people hate the Yankees, Duke men's basketball, and even SEC football. But to devote blog posts, articles, and montages of his failures so you can knock a guy without a ring? Whatever happened to the days when we disliked the guy(s) and team(s) who won over and over while making it look easy? Are we all playing the role of jilted lovers now?

  • In reply to AbstractAcademic:

    The misuse of talent, the unrealized potential (regardless of rings), the selling of oneself short, these are truly the things that are off-putting. Anyone with eyes and a brain knows LeBron's talents are unparalleled-and that is why his decision to team up with Wade was... frustrating (and yes there was/is some jilted lover complex peppered in) and moreover-why his inability to play up to the occasion if you will is so maddening.

    Michael Jordan was-counter intuitively, not generally disliked by fans of teams he almost invariably beat-Why? Because we appreciate talent, we appreciate hard work, we appreciate greatness. LeBron could have been that, maybe he one day can flirt with that, but as of now, he is the antithesis of that ideal.

  • awesome fucking article...just awesome

  • In reply to mewapinski:

    Thank you friend. I would write a longer response but I'm with Colleen O'Gorman right now visiting Claudette.

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