Derrick Rose the Political Activist and Paul Ryan the Psychopath

Derrick Rose the Political Activist and Paul Ryan the Psychopath
On Thursday night,  Derrick Rose, along with teammate Joakim Noah, attended a high end fundraiser for President Obama at Navy Pier. In the wake of the soon to be MVP's "Political Activism" , Chicago radio personalities were wondering-was this a risky move? Did Derrick potentially circumscribe the range of his appeal?

"Why can't I be President? I just wanna win".

The simple answer is no. For starters, Derrick did not engage in political rhetoric of any kind, after all, Derrick wasn't there to illuminate the differences between Barack Obama and Tim Pawlenty. Secondly, I think most informed onlookers recognize that Derrick's attendance is motivated more so by wide eyed admiration,  than by fervent political ideology. To Derrick, a humble kid from even humbler beginnings, the idea of hanging with the President of the United States, who happens to call the same place "home" as you do, is simply put, pretty cool. 
Also, something tells me that your prototypical detester of the President-(the type of person who would denounce anyone associated with him), probably isn't the biggest fan of basketball, or (from their perspective) the "thugs" that play it anyway.
Look, we get it Jimmy Johns, you're fast; please stop with the insufferably annoying commercials. 
Have you ever seen a homeless guy outside of a, lets say, JP Morgan building? And have you ever thought about taking that guys change cup? And then considered going in the building and searching for an elderly couple to rob?   And then thought, hey maybe while I'm at it, I'll rob a helpless looking janitor too? And finally, after your mini crime spree, did you think, wow it would pretty cool to take an elevator to the top floor, and  find the CEO's office, and give him  all the money I just took from those helpless victims? No? Me neither; because of course that would be behavior symptomatic of a psychopath. That said,  Republican Paul Ryan has had such sadistic fantasies; in fact he published them, and entitled it "The Path to Prosperity".
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