5 Tricks Internet Hackers Use to Scam You

Hackers make their living from accessing valuable information online and using it to their advantage. While you’re innocently browsing online, a hacker could be lurking in the background waiting to scam you. This is their job, and they’re as devoted to it as a profession. Their reward at the end of each working day is... Read more »

Infertility is an Interruption, but Not the End

Are you trying to get pregnant, but it’s not happening? This can be one of the most frustrating times of your life, and the frustration only increases every month you’re once again not pregnant. It’s important to remember that you have options during this time. Here are some tips to help you have a baby... Read more »

High Cost of Police Misconduct in Chicago

Chicago is a city that spends more than most other cities on police misconduct claims. In 2018 alone it spent more than $113 on police misconduct cases. This is more than it spent in any other year since 2011. This money comes right out of the pockets of taxpayers because the city is self-insured. Apart... Read more »

5 Tips To Make International Travel Easier

International travel is a great way for escapism and learning new cultures and traditions, but in some countries, not everything is rosy because laws and regulations change. Think about laws you never knew existed, one from La Paz, Bolivia states that a married woman is not allowed to have more than one glass wine and... Read more »

How Businesses are Protecting Their Employees Online

Every two seconds, someone becomes the victim of identity theft. Approximately 31% of data breach victims experienced identity theft. In 2017, a total of 16.7 million people became victims of identity fraud. In the workplace, where employees often have access to the Internet, identity theft and data breaches are very real concerns. Here’s how businesses are... Read more »

Is Writing Becoming a Dying Art

Thanks to smartphones and computers, we can write anything we want with the tap of a key. With auto-complete technology, it’s now possible to write entire sentences or replies in seconds without having to lift a finger. Schools now require students to submit a typed research paper, and the majority of assignments are completed on... Read more »

4 Tips for Successfully Becoming a Lawyer

There are many noble reasons a person would want to become a lawyer. This is a profession where you can help people who really needed. You get to make a huge difference in someone’s life, which is an incredible feeling. On top of that, your work is very exciting, as you constantly have to think... Read more »

How Chicago is Working to Combat the Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has led to 130 people in the United States overdosing each day. Opioids also cost the United States $78.5 billion annually. Illinois is facing an even bigger overdose crisis, with 2,760 fatalities in 2017, or a 9% increase in the number of fatalities year-over-year. Two-thirds of the deaths were opioid-related. Chicago is... Read more »

Four Great Ideas for Adventure Travel

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, there’s no better vacation than adventure travel. Booking an adventure holiday gives you the chance to take a walk on the wild side in countries across the globe. The experience and the physical challenges it presents, simply exhilarate you. Adventure tourism is a growing market. Thousands of people want to... Read more »

Increasing the Value of Your Restaurant with New Equipment

Making cosmetic changes to a company at the last minute before putting it on the market is a recipe for disappointment. Planning and preparation for a transition is the way to go and entrepreneurs need to take the time to do it right. Ask the experts. Seek advisors with expertise in preparing a restaurant business... Read more »
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