Songs in commercials: Good tunes on TV

For the most part, I don't listen to the radio that often, leaving limited places for me to find new music.  However, I have started to notice how many good songs from commercials find their way onto my iPod.

It's not just the Gap getting catchy music for their ads, it's Target, Diet Coke, Lipton Ice...everyone.  Most of these commercials I can do without, but the songs are all keepers.

1. "Sweet Disposition" by The Temper Trap

This song perked ears when it played during the Diet Coke commercial that appeared during the Academy Awards 2010.  It's the commercial that starts with a cell phone ringing to wake up the club promoter before shooting to a "starlet" getting out of a limo.

2.  "I Won't Kneel" by Groove Armada

This song is from the Lipton Ice commercial.  It is the jam that goes, "I.  Belong.  To all that.  I've been through.  Been through.  Been through...

3.  "A Funky Space Reincarnation" by Marvin Gaye

Even if you don't roll that way, you can't help but think this J'adore commercial that premiered two Christmas' ago isn't hot.  Charlieze Theron walks slowly, taking off her clothes as Marvin Gay sings, "We gonna get married in June".

4.  "Pictures of Matchstick Men" by Status Quo

This is a good song from a commercial if I ever heard one.  This song is from the Target summer 2011 commercial where it appears that Target gets flash-mobbed with the bounce of a beach ball.  This is an old song from the late 60's by psychedelic rock group, Status Quo.

5.  "Evolve" by David Banner (song written exclusively for Gatorade)

Lots of consumers were surprised to learn that the vintage sounding song "Evolve" from the Gatorade commercials isn't an old song, it was an original written exclusively for this specific Gatorade commercial.

6.  "The Golden Age" by The Asteroid Galaxy Tour

From the the Heineken commercials.  It's catchy and repeats, "Sing it out loud, if you look kind of funny"...something like that.

7.  "California Soul" by Marlena Shaw (remixed by Diplo)

This song is just hitting the airwaves now in the Fall 2011 Target Cool Never Fades varsity campaign.  The original version has a little more soul, although Diplo's version isn't bad at all.



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