Decembrists' Colin Meloy's novel 'Wildwood' set to release August 30

 Decembrists' Colin Meloy's novel 'Wildwood' set to release August 30

There are quite a few adults I know who openly can discuss a Harry Potter book for hours on end, analyzing it, quoting it and lamenting in the shoulda, woulda, coulda's of "the boy who lived"' and his fictional life.  These people do it with no shame.  It's these same people who, at this very moment, have their noses buried in one of the three books in  The Hunger Games trilogy book series.

Guys do it too.  At Dominick's I saw an old dude skim through a collection of Archie comics in the grocery store line.  Some adults never quite grow out of their love for children's literature.  Colin Meloy of the Decembrists is one of those  adults.

At the end of the month, Meloy celebrates the release of Wildwood, the first book in The Wildwood Chronicles.  The story, which sounds kind of like "The Golden Compass"  meets  "The Wiz" on acid (and without the music),  is written by Meloy with illustrations by his wife Carson Ellis.

The young adult novel is centered around Prue McKeel, a girl whose life is pretty average  until her baby brother is abducted by murderous crows.  On a quest to rescue him, Prue sets off with her friend Curtis into the Impassable Wilderness, an unknown terrain outside of Portland, Oregon on a journey through  "a world full of warring creatures, peaceable mystics, and powerful figures with the darkest intentions."

The book will be released officially on August 30th and it is currently available for pre-order.  If you are super antsy (Nerd!) , you can read the first four chapters by clicking “Like” over on its Facebook page.

Also check out the  iTunes playlist of Wildwood-themed songs.

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