U2's 'Claws' come out - Tickets still available for tonight's Soldier Field show

U2's 'Claws' come out - Tickets still available for tonight's Soldier Field show

Tonight, rock group U2 will be making up their cancelled July 6, 2010 concert at Soldier Field.  This show is one of 16 shows the band had to re-schedule after Bono had to undergo emergency back surgery last spring.

But Bono has his swagger back and the 360 Tour  is officially going strong as the highest-grossing concert tour in history, a feat it had taken in April, with 10 shows still left to go.  The tour has passed the $558 million mark and is expected to gross around $700 million.  One of the main reasons this tour has been so successful is because more tickets can be released on this tour thanks to the design of an intricate stage and video show that only U2 could get away with, and an apparatus that resembles a mutant spider from space.

Although the configuration for Soldier Field, which takes two days to set up, does kill a large number of back of the house seats, the production itself is elevated and hangs from the center of a structure, affectionately called, "The Claw".  And with the production hanging, and the band able to play to fans on all sides of the stage, this allows more tickets to be sold.  The "Claw" has been so successful that the U2 management team is going to start selling "The Claw" as permanent structures in concert venues so these places can also benefit from increased ticket sales.

The Claw, although not the official name,  hangs off of an open, 90-foot-tall...apparatus.  The top houses a cylindrical video screen that expands to more than 14,000 feet and it is made up of over 1 million working pieces.  The 'aliens' in the middle of this technical tron are the one and only, U2.

Sure, U2 has undertaken massive stage shows before, both loved and hated, but 360° will stand on its own in the history of live touring extravaganzas, raising the bar for future monster-sized rock shows, and giving a new name to "arena rock" and "stadium rock".

Although the show starts at 7:00pm, some Chicago U2 fans have been in line since yesterday in order to get the best General Admission view they can. Interpol is opening.

Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster.com.





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