The Lemonheads and other obscure musical moments from 'The Jenny Jones Show'

Who didn't love The Jenny Jones Show?  She was on twice a day, which means I wasn't the only one who loved this woman with her ridiculous name and open disdain for silicone breast implants.  For years, before court TV came to be, the daytime circuit was run by Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Montell Williams, Sally Jesse, Jerry Springer, and of course Oprah.  Just those listed would take up a whole sick day from school.

I realized recently that of all of these talkshow hosts, only one of them had music on the show -- Jenny Jones.  And not only music -- this was not your typical talent show, she had on the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Chubby Checker, and quite a few more (videos below).

Shortly after 9/11, I decided to attend The Jenny Jones Show with two of my friends. The show was about kids who were being bullied because of their race, "USA & Iraq: What We Need to Know".

The audience members were given tickets and not told what the topic of the show was until they settled us down and locked the door. The audience coordinator, "Paige" explained the show topic, and the audience became noticeably upset. We wanted paternity tests between sister-cousins and their brothers.

We wanted Rude Jude to come out and insult some deadbeat dad or women who thought she was hot, but not. We did not want a show about bullying, especially with an audience who had partially come to do just that.

The person next to me, a 400 pound girl (literally) from Markham was hell bent on making the best of this scenario and as the guests came out, she started to insult their appearance one by one. Not racial, more like, say, a guest had on a red turtleneck, she would just yell, "Why you out here, lookin' like a Red Hot", saying it just loud enough for the audience to hear and start dying and the panel to not hear a thing and just get laughed at.

True to form, Jenny Jones kept turning around to tell her that was wrong and that she should stop. The girl would look innocently at Jenny Jones and say, "You're right Jenny. I am sorry Jenny. I am sorry". And then the next guy came out. He was short and she yelled, "You out here lookin' like the ugly Wizard of Oz" (she did say that)...and so forth.

The straw that broke the camels back was when a kid who had been being picked on came out with a giant, green sparkling nose ring and the girl yelled, "I think you need to blow our nose, Boy-eeeeee. You got a big ass booger." As soon as she said booger, the crowd laughed and started chanting, "Booger! Booger!"

Jenny Jones walked off the stage. In fact, the audience coordinator, Paige burst into tears and ran out of the room, leaving the crowd, who was still chanting 'Booger!' at this poor kid. They ended up ceasing the filming and we all got t-shirts before being sent on our way. (They ended up re-filming the show completely.)

There was no O-Town performance to be seen during my visit, no Dinosaur Jr., Chubby Checker, KC and the Sunshine Band, or that guy who sang that awesome couples skate tune, "You know I lo--ve you" (Stevie B.?). I got hosed.

The other day, I came across a video of the Lemonheads on The Jenny Jones Show via a friends Facebook page and it made me wonder how many other weirdly great performances from The Jenny Jones Show were out there...

Chubby Checker doing "The Twist" @ The Jenny Jones Show




Dinosaur Jr. playing "Out There" @ The Jenny Jones Show.
(no video - just link)



The Lemonheads @ The Jenny Jones Show



A Greatest Hits compilation from the 70's and 80's @ The Jenny Jones Show. Featuring: Tommy Tutone - "867-5309/Jenny", Rose Royce - "Car Wash", KC & The Sunshine Band - "That's The Way (I Like It)", Shannon - "Let The Music Play", Toni Basil - "Mickey", The Emotions - "Best Of My Love". ie. Jenny's Musical Blast From The Past.



David Archuleta (age 11) @ The Jenny Jones Show

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